10 Tips & Mistakes | Las Vegas Travel Guide 2020

10 Tips & Mistakes | Las Vegas Travel Guide 2020

Travel guide for Things to do in Las Vegas 2020. This video includes my personal tips & mistakes to avoid. I cover a many topics including the airport, casinos, hotels, night clubs, food, vacations, rentals, and discounts.

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41 thoughts on “10 Tips & Mistakes | Las Vegas Travel Guide 2020

  1. Timothyojohnson says:

    Another good tip is to buy your water and alcohol at Walgreens and CVS. I always do so myself every trip. You can save a lot of money this way. Also avoid the timeshare trap I got stuck in it myself once its a not a lot of fun.

  2. steven betassa says:

    I ve been going to Vegas over 25 years, up to 2 months or more at a time, and some years, never spend one minute on the strip, and I have my own car, so this video is mostly worthless for myself.

  3. beau w says:

    3rd ally way dew south of the big M, turn right into the ally pass 2 dumpsters on your left side then climb the next fire stares on right side to the 2nd floor. Knock on the window and ask for Mr. slydell. He will guid you from there.

  4. SyscoVids says:

    Giving money to strippers at the club to have sex with them later that night. Don't pay until you are at a hotel with her.

  5. let's go there says:

    This video hand Downs is b*******you will not sit and watch a video and get free tickets you would have to buy buy a timeshare then they will give you the free tickets don't think you're going to sit there for 4 hours and they're going to give you tickets that's not how it works and when they ask you if you want free buffet tickets πŸ˜‰ and walk away

  6. Rec'less Photography says:

    The longest time I have sat and watched the timeshare was 60min and got a $200 dinner. We didn't buy anything and I only wasted 60min. I do this everytime and get free shit all the time, but only sit for 60min.

  7. FlowUrbanFlow says:

    I never understood clubs. Expensive as hell, loud as hell, crowded as hell. For what? Just chill with some people and buy a case

  8. FlowUrbanFlow says:

    Best tip for vacation: Don't plan except things that need to be scheduled. I usually mark off a ton of things I'd like to do on Google Maps, then spend a day trying to hit one area each a day

  9. FlowUrbanFlow says:

    Most of these are great unless you're traveling alone. These options are mostly for splitting among a group, which is no doubt always cheaper. If you're alone, walk out of the airport/Uber, stay off the Strip.

  10. grafikschwarzmarkt says:

    we collected those β€žclickerβ€œ girls cards – kinda fun, nobody followed us. they just want their card sets gone…

  11. ichironca says:

    Clicked on this vid just to see the crowds like the good ol’ days. Now they’re considered super spreaders. Wonder if we will ever get back to the way it was.

  12. bodyforlife99 says:

    Ruby, I would concur with the comment on renting a car being a better way to go. Car rentals in Vegas are some of the least expensive in the country (as long as you book ahead…I usually use Orbitz). I suggest locking into a price well before your trip and then periodically checking for better pricing (as long as you don't pay in advance, you can cancel any rental car and rebook at the less expensive price). Also for anyone doing this, be careful on where you are renting as some of the rental car companies are not at the McCarren Rental Car center (i.e. Fox, Nu, Sixt, Ace). At the time of your video, some hotels were charging for parking on non-guests, but if you were staying at a hotel, you weren't typically charged for parking. With the pandemic, no one is currently charging for parking. Also, you are better off getting your rental at the airport as hotel car rentals have an "entertainment fee" tacked on, making the overall cost of the car more expensive than the airport (even with the airport fees). My wife and I do often venture away from the strip and having a car makes it very convenient and much less expensive than Uber/Lyft. We go out to Red Rock Casino many times for our gambling due to table limits that are significantly less than the strip (it is as nice as any 5 star hotel on the strip and is considered a locals hotel). It makes the gambling part of the trip more enjoyable and allows people to play longer (also the food is less expensive so you can knock off one meal while you are there). We are going back in December for 3 nights and acquired a rental car at the airport for $66.

  13. bason turbax says:

    30 dollar a drink and I thought sweden was expensive awell I am still going to vegas :), guess I have to get drunk before I enter the club.

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