12 Top Underrated Places To Travel After Quarantine | Best Destinations 2020

12 Top Underrated Places To Travel After Quarantine | Best Destinations 2020

Here’s our 12 top places to travel after quarantine is over. These are the best underrated cities and destinations in the world to help with your planning for where to travel in 2020 once…⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop — https://geni.us/9VHNx

Realistically, no one knows how much travel in 2020 we will all be able to do – but that hasn’t stopped people planning on where to travel after quarantine is over. To help with your travel planning we spent a few days pulling together our top 12 underrated places to travel for your next vacation or holiday.

There’s plenty of destinations we’ve been around the world that don’t quite get the love they deserve. This list of underrated cities and places to travel likely won’t be found on any other top places to travel kind of videos or blogs you find online.

Defining the best travel destination is almost impossible, we’re often asked about where our favourite place to travel is and we genuinely just don’t have an answer. Every holiday we’ve ever taken has something special about it, every destination has a positive and every city has neighbourhoods worth discovering off the beaten path.

Hopefully there’s a few places in this list that jump out for you and your 2020 travel plans will come together! See below for the vlogs that go along with all the destinations mentioned….

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Krakow, Poland — https://geni.us/uCKeIa
Asturias, Spain — https://geni.us/hCA4Y
Albanian Riviera, Albania — https://geni.us/CBTVaY
Nusa Penida, Indonesia — https://geni.us/15JP1
Mexico City, Mexico — https://geni.us/3DqSJjL
Rarotonga, Cook Islands — https://geni.us/7l8Qdn
Chiang Mai, Thailand — https://geni.us/L27A6
Istanbul, Turkey — https://geni.us/B8LA4Hn
Lewis & Harris, Scotland — https://geni.us/sEfl77H
Bay Of Islands, New Zealand — https://geni.us/uiOvbE
Croatia, Zagreb — https://geni.us/3IrcDSS
Paxos & Anti Paxos islands, Greece — https://geni.us/DQew0CG

Chiang Mai Top Things To Do — https://geni.us/D8M0LA
Zagreb Cost Of Living — https://geni.us/lTVuN
Zagreb Reasons To Visit — https://geni.us/BDbmZ

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Hey, we’re Dane & Stacey! Full-time travellers, digital nomads and content creators from New Zealand. We mix things up between finding the best experiences in more well known destinations and going off the beaten path to underrated travel spots, capturing it all to share. Authentic, genuine, cinematic and informative is our goal — we want you to feel like you’re experiencing the day with us.



35 thoughts on “12 Top Underrated Places To Travel After Quarantine | Best Destinations 2020

  1. Daneger and Stacey says:

    Enjoy the wanderlust! Playlists for each of these places are in the description above 👆🏼 — Keep safe, Dane & Stacey

  2. PixelStacker says:

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    Please support my channel by subscribing💚. Thank you!

    You can find videos about hikes I've done in the United Kingdom along with details about the train stations, routes, altitude changes, duration. Additionally, there are recorded walks of central and east London aiming to showcase the beautity of the UK capital.

  3. Michael King says:

    I stayed in Istanbul on European side for a week. Then travelled around the country Gallipoli to Fetiye, then Mersin, Ankara then 1 week In Istanbul in Asian side. Both sides are interesting and completely different.

  4. James Montague says:

    Hi Daneger and Stacey
    That's a great selection of countries you've picked

    Have you ever been to Madeira? I would highly recommend it. Beautiful scenery and the people are so friendly. They are also famous for their taboggan rides down the mountain. You sit in a cart made from wicker baskets

    Also, have you been to Norway? Another amazing country

  5. Ann Brownbill says:

    Kefalonia is a must ,,,. So unspoilt , steeped in history and you can get a boat trip to nearby Ithaca the home of Odysseus , so lots of Greek mythology too. The scenery especially in the Northern coastal areas is breathtaking . Lots of little villages to visit inland , beautiful clear turquoise seas and not as busy as some of the Greek Islands . But be warned , once you visit , it totally captivates you and you’ll miss the island like mad when you leave . I’ve been to many places in the world , not as many as you guys but still I’d say I’m fairly well travelled . Kefalonia is the most captivating place I’ve been . I know you love your luxury and there is a beautiful hotel retreat at Emplissi beach although we’ve never stayed there , we stayed at a small boutique hotel in Fiscardo , called Fiscardo Bay Hotel which is really small but lovely , Fiscardo is very touristy but also has a great vibe and is very cosmopolitan and beautiful . Hope you visit there one day x

  6. ChrisMinusHumour says:

    Im sure Poland is beautiful and has welcoming places. However, I am a gay man and would be nervous travelling to Poland due to recent homophobia and fear of violence against gay people in "LGBT free zones" as they call them. The opinions of a country really do affect whether tourists wish to travel there.

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  10. Jamie Does Life says:

    The Albanian Riviera looks stunning. I will definitely be looking at visiting Albania in the near future – and will definitely be vlogging the experience too!

  11. Bejman13 says:

    My family took a vacation to Atlanta a couple of years ago, and I think it was the best vacation I have ever been on. That city is beautiful and vibrant with life and culture. Plus there is a lot to do there and in the state of georgia.

  12. DIV AND BENNY says:

    thank you for coming to Scotland.
    we normally go somewhere in Asia on our holidays but due to corona virus we can't get travelling this year.
    so instead we've spent this year travelling in our home country of Scotland with help from your videos and we have absolutely loved it!
    And to make it even better, our dog can come too!❤️

  13. Covid Christmas 2020 Best Top Jolly Playlist says:

    wow you two luck travellers . I would have loved to visit each place. I really enjoyed your travel video. well explained good camera footage. I had added you to my channel. QTV. you see here. being part of LGBTQ i would not support any place that is not open with sexual diversity. anyway good travel video . thanks Spain ****

  14. SeaOneWorld says:

    Great video guys! Thanks for the travel tips. Albania looks beautiful! On our list for sure. We love travelling as well! keep making videos!

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