13 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Singapore

13 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Singapore

Known as the “Lion City,” join me as I explore the what to do, where to go, and what to eat in the incredible city of Singapore.

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Huge thanks to the Singapore Tourism Board:


-Hotel 81 (multiple locations…good budget hotel options. Not fancy, but clean with a private bathroom)
-Beary Best! Hostel (Chinatown)

Below are some of my favorite places…all highly recommended, but honestly…the key is to find a stall with a long line of locals…that’s the best indication of what’s good. It’ll be worth waiting for:)

Featured Hawker Centres:
-Maxwell Food Centre
-Old Airport Road Food Centre
-Chinatown Complex
-Tiong Bahru Market
-Lau Pa Sat Food Court (Specifically the satay stalls on the street outside the main centre)
-Chinatown Food Street

Featured Food Stalls:
Maxwell Food Centre:
-Ah Tai Chicken Rice (THE BEST)
-Tian Tian Chicken Rice
-Zhen Zhen Porridge
-Marina Bay Delicious Foods (Get their Char Kway Teow)

Old Airport Road:
-Roast Paradise (Char Su with Pork Rice)
-Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee

Chomp Chomp Food Centre:
-Ah Hok Fried Hokkien Noodles (there can be a long wait for this stall)
-Hai Wai Yuan BBQ (Sambal stingray)

Chinatown Complex:
-Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice (Mixed claypot)
-Jia Ji Mei Shi (Get the Chee Cheong Fun)
-Hawker Stan (There will be a long line starting before 10AM)

Lau Pa Sat:
-Stall 8 on Satay street (Stall #8 is by far the best of them)

Little India:
-Komala Vilas Vegetarian Restaurant (Order anything and everything…but I come here for the Dosai…but seriously…everything is amazing)
-Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine (Again…everything is incredible. I love the butter chicken, and make sure to get some of their incredible made-to-order naan bread)

Tiong Bahru:
-Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice (just…friggin’ delicious. Definitely go here if you’re in Tiong Bahru)
Tiong Bahru Bakery (Everything here is great…the croissants in particular are flaky and perfect)

Top of Tower 2 at Marina Bay Sands. Good drinks and very good food…great views of the city. The menu is super spendy. But it’s one of the best burgers in the city.

-Gardens By the Bay
-Singapore Botanic Gardens (& Orchid Garden)
-Marina Bay Sands
-Lazarus Island (catch the Ferry to St. John’s Island at the Marina South Pier and walk to Lazarus…follow the signs to the beach. NOTE: The boat stops at the very cool Kusu Island for an hour on the return trip…make sure to check out the cute little turtle sanctuary)
-Night Safari (at the Singapore Zoo. NOTE: Tickets are cheaper if you buy them online)

Chinatown (Specifically Keong Said Road and Duxton Hill)
Little India
Orchard Road
Arab Street & Haji Lane
Tiong Bahru
Marina Bay

-Kok Sen (On Keong Saik Road in Chinatown…local hangout with super authentic fantastic Chinese food)
-Tong Heng Bakery (in Chinatown…make sure to get the delectable egg tarts)
-Albert Street Prawn Noodle Soup (at Old Airport Road Food Centre)
-Song See Fish Noodles (at Lau Pa Sat)
-Carrot Cake at Chomp Chomp Food Centre (not at all what you think it is…it’s a savory dish of rice flour…get the “black” version…it has more flavor)
-Golden Mile Claypot Rice
-Tiong Bahru Meng See (on Chinatown’s Food Street…get the Roast Duck over noodles)
-328 Katong Laksa (a little spendy for laksa, but very popular, spicy, and delicious)
-Sungei Road Laksa (More local and cheaper, but equally excellent Laksa)
-Samy’s Curry Restaurant
-No Signboard Seafood (my favorite chili crab in the city…note: Chili crab can be very expensive…make sure to check the price upfront so you’re not surprised)
-JB Ah Meng (White Pepper Crab)
-Rider’s Cafe
-Lucy’s BBQ (at Chomp Chomp Food Centre)
-Finally…I also love the Golden Mile Food Centre, and the Adams Road Food Centre

Things to do:
-The Treetop Walk at the MacRitchie Reservoir is very cool
-Take a boat ride in the Marina
-Check out the Marina Barrage…it’s a very cool roof-top park where people fly their kites

Some of my favorite Mid-range Hotels (not featured in the video) are:
-The Dorsett
-The Amoy
-Wanderlust Hotel
-Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay
(But my best hotel advice is to just Hotels.com/">search Hotels.come, Expedia, etc to find the best deals for the days you’re going…read guest reviews and look at guest pictures.
Also…if you can handle tight spaces and don’t mind a shared bathroom, you can stay at CUBE Capsule Hotel…it’s actually a pretty cool experience. And of course…there’s always AirBnB)



42 thoughts on “13 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Singapore

  1. Aljo San Pedro says:

    Oddly enough, I still go back to this video a lot even if I know I won’t be traveling in a long time. Matt really sells the vid

  2. Jonathan Lee says:

    Matty, U should know that Lots of SGers eat their 3 meals, Not only in Hawker Centres, but ALSO in , hmmmm, ~1000 COFFEESHOPS (usually found in HDB Towns and neighbours, Larger than a typical Restaurants, Smaller than a Hawker Centres, offering assorted and diverse kinds of food and drinks, from 5 stalls to…eh…15 stalls, depending on the size of the Coffeeshops
    Amidst the Covid Time, here' s a Song of Smell/ Aroma to lurk U back here for cheap F&B, if u dare 😄👇🎼

    ☕🍜👉 https://youtu.be/9BByAxgUCJw

    🍲🍵👉 https://youtu.be/jqi47KntwmI
    ~~••• ~•~•••~• •~•~•~•• •~•~• ~••~•~••~•~
    🎼😷🍲 ODEUR d'ARÔME
    de COFFEESHOP 🍵🤤🎼
    ~ ~•• ~ ~••• • ~•~ • ~~• ~• ~•••~ ••~ •~ ••~
    🎼. 🎹. 🎸. 🎼. 🎹. 🎸
    🎶 Patrons are scarce at Coffeeshop Tonite
    Wonderin' Where have they Wandered to…🤔
    Empty tables And chairs
    Stallholders' Despair 😟

    🎶 When it comes to DimSum* Anythin' goes
    5 Prawn Dumplings good enough to go
    Then Palate says "No No…"
    "At Least 10…", I'm Told 😘

    Fill Up then Go 🤷🏻‍♀️

    🎵 Scrumptiousness sinks in
    Marvellous U sure are 🥟
    Black Fungi Fresh Prawn Ginger
    Black Vinegar lures U in

    🎵 Finessin' the Chew
    Chilli finger lickin' Finesse
    Fine memory is made of These 🥰

    🎼🎸 🎹🎼 🎸🎹 🎼🎸 🎹🎼 🎸🎹 🎼 🎸🎹

    🎶 A Crowded House Tonite..… it Seems
    Not Sure it is Better….. for Feasting
    Shio Shio Shiok Teh C Gao**🍵
    Çovid Forget liao……

    🎶 Less Condensed Milk that, Insist I Do
    Some Evaporated C Milk Will Do
    Slowly Slidin' Down yer Throat
    Çovid I Don't Know…..😏

    As if I Care … 🤷🏻‍♂️💨

    🎵 O Dear Black Bean Soup***🥣
    Delicate Meat to scoop
    Ah Yes, Goegeous Char Koay Kak🍝
    With Crispy Lard Dregs to boot😃

    🎵 "ChaoTah" Smells appetizin' !
    Lingerin' Garlic Fingers lickin' 🤏🏼🤤
    Food Muse is made of These…

    🎼 🎻 🎹 🎺

    🎵 Stop laughin' leh Masks ! 😷
    Stop your Arrogant Mien🙁
    U might cover up Faces 🤨
    But just Can't Stop Aroma 😋

    🎵 I breathe Teh C Gao 🍵
    Dreamin' of assorted Dishes with Rice…🍲🥄🍚🍴
    Çovid Virus Can't Stop it….. If It Tries 😚🤦🏻‍♀️

    🎼 🎻 🎹 🎼 🎻 🎹

    * DimSum: Assorted small dishes of Savoury Goodies, Cantonese Style
    ** Teh (Tea) C (Evaporated Milk) Gao ( Thick=Strong Flavour)
    * Black Bean Soup: Double-boiled Soup with Black bean, Chicken/Pork rib
    *030a 020920

    🍝🍵👉 https://youtu.be/2H0lN_yTFU8
    🍛🍻👉 https://youtu.be/Z3cZRkOfzPg
    ~~• ~~~•~•~ •~~~~•••~•~•~• ~•~•~•~•••
    •••~• ~•~•••~•~~• ~~ •••~•~~•~• ••••~••~•
    🎼. 🎹. 🎸. 🎼. 🎹. 🎸
    🎶 今天晚上的 食客較少
    不知道它們 到哪儿去了🤔
    空荡荡的 桌椅
    摊贩 多寂寥

    🎶 我以為 點心 吃不多少
    我以為 虾餃 五个就好
    誰知道 一尝你
    十個 还嫌少


    🎵 想念 你的娇
    想念 你的外表 🥟
    想念 鲜蝦 黒木耳
    姜丝黑醋 的味道

    🎵 我想念 细嚼吞
    和手指 淡淡辣椒味道…
    记憶中 为你痴的味道

    🎼🎸 🎹🎼 🎸🎹 🎼🎸 🎹🎼 🎸🎹 🎼 🎸🎹

    🎶 今天晚上的 顾客不少
    不知道这樣 算好不好
    “烧烧” 的“碟嘻搞”🍵
    冠毒 少来搞 !

    🎶 我坚持 炼奶可以较少
    再加些生奶 口感就好
    缓缓地 喝下你
    瘟疫 不管了😏

    “叹”完才逃 🤷🏻‍♂️💨

    🎵 想念 黑豆湯🥣
    鸡肉猪肉 都爽
    想念 “白色”炒粿条🍝
    香脆猪油渣 味道 😃

    🎵 我想念 “炒搭”味
    和手指 淡淡蒜蓉味道
    記憶中 曾被愛的味道

    🎼 🎻 🎹 🎺

    🎵 口罩 你别笑 😷
    别太 嚣張驕傲 🙁
    雖然 罩住了臉孔 🤨
    却罩不了 好味道 😋

    🎵 我想念 “碟嘻搞”🍵
    和 咖哩雜菜饭的 味道 🍲🥄🍚🍴
    冠状瘟毒 都改变不了😚🤦🏻‍♀️

    🎼 🎻 🎹 🎼 🎻 🎹

    *030 020920

  3. Ismi Hafsari says:

    Stay in Chinatown area, it close to all major tourist attractions and it only takes two or three mrt stops to Little India, Bugis, Harbourfrony, Marina Bay, you name it.

  4. Pageant Patty says:

    Great video.

    Singapore is HOT & HUMID. And rainy as well. Driest months are July through September (if you prefer to avoid the frequent rain showers but are able to put up with more heat). The weather struggle is REAL and persistent. do not underestimate the humidity!

  5. Hai Le says:

    I'm a really big fan of food and travel vlogs. This is the first one I've seen from you. But I really like your style! Very entertaining and informative. Hope to see more.

  6. Peter Tran says:

    Woa, what an excellent review! It would take me a month or more to be able to make such a full detailed and informative one as yours!

  7. The Babumoshai says:

    Hey Matt my last trip before the lockdown was Singapore. Your advice helped a lot , just wanted to say thanks. Cheers, keep up the good work as soon as the world returns to normal. Stay safe

  8. Adityo Dwi says:

    Matt, your chicken rice expression wanting write a poem while you hate poem, and the not so religious but heaven is a hawker center, got me subscribed to your channel.. Love the narrative, they are perfectly written.

  9. Mr. Lee VJ소싸움 says:

    영상으로 싱가폴 여행!
    영상 감사합니다!🇰🇷👉💕👍
    A trip to Singapore via video!
    Thank you for the video!👉💕👍

  10. Apri Yanto says:

    Negara singapote tidak ada apa apa nya dibandingkan dengan negara indonesia.
    Alam negara indonesia lebih alami dan menakjubkan.

  11. Ashee Bee says:

    hi i m singaporean the way you describe singapore is definetely not how i would describe it but proud to know that you like it and i love my country

  12. Wilson Philip says:

    Amazing video & info! I love SG! I have visited Singapore for a couple of time now, most recent last February and March. I have published some videos on the Lion City on my YouTube channel.

  13. L V says:

    2 years later I would like to thank you. This video was more than enough for a week and wish I could've stayed longer. Only things I would add is to eat Kaya Toast breakfast and to try Durian. Thanks again!

  14. Shiboline M'Ress says:

    Is the Westin Stamford Hotel still there? When I was in Singapore in the '90s, we went to the top floor lounge for a lovely city view. If memory serves, it was the tallest hotel in Singspore at that time. I did get a Singapore Sling, but more for the souvenir Merlion mug it came in than for the drink itself.


    Also, do they still have the cable cars? I loved riding them to and from Sentosa! Thank you for a fantastic video that brought back many lovely memories!

  15. HarringtonTribal says:

    Matt – I know this is an older video, but I found it when researching an upcoming return to Singapore. I spent 3 weeks there in the Spring of 2000. (I actually stayed at the Duxton Hotel.) Thanks for all of the wonderful tips! (Though I disagree on visiting the Long Bar at Raffles – it's just a part of history. Just order something else. W. Somerset Maugham wrote plays there! But I agree that the Sling is disgusting and not worth the price.) Thanks for the wonderful tips on the Hawker Stands. The Night Safari was great as well.

  16. Kimberly Petras says:

    Loved your video! Helped us with things to do. My daughter loved the chicken rice! Thanks for the tip! Your funny and cute too.😃

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