20 BEST HOTELS IN THE WORLD (Budget & Luxury)

20 BEST HOTELS IN THE WORLD Budget amp Luxury

These are the best 20 hotels I have experienced in my over 5 years of travel around the world. From 16 dollars a night to 25,000 USD, you might just find your next travel destination and accommodation.
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50 thoughts on “20 BEST HOTELS IN THE WORLD (Budget & Luxury)

  1. team supreme says:

    The chivalrous software microscopically depend because teeth structurally hop atop a pretty columnist. well-groomed, wet territory

  2. gaga12258 says:

    try Amanpulo next time or El Nido resorts! I am also surprise that French Polynesia like Sofitel and Interconn in Moorea or Borabora are not here!

  3. Shadow Angel says:

    Nice content but your partner and her bikini wear seems more of a focal point of camera, every other flick seems modelling with travelling.

  4. Felipe Teixeira Santana says:

    I am discredited, many Brazilian hotels are unbelievable better than these, especially the “JUMA AMAZON LODGE”

  5. Living Unconventionally says:

    Sooooo Christian. I’d like to go on a trip with you to learn about travel photography. What’s the cost? How do I do that? Do you host content creation retreats?

  6. Leomasa Walking Traveler【Japan Travel Guide】 says:

    The world is wide ✨
    I will do my best to post about walking around Tokyo!
    I will come back again!

  7. Mata Air Dan Matahari says:

    Hi, greetings from Indonesia.
    Excellent choices you have in your videos, very interesting.
    If you happen to visit Indonesia, please stop by in Labuan Bajo and stay in La Prima hotel, the first 5 star hotel there. You will love the hotel and it's awesome beaches and islands nearby. You can check them in my vacation videos.

  8. brook del cristo says:

    hey u should do a segment on Guyana. Its in South America (but its part of the Caribbean somehow ). I'm sure it can rival your best amazon experience oh yeah and its really affordable.

  9. Lorenz Blasko says:

    Is not the biggest Aquarium in the world and is not the most expensive room, since that in Burj Al Arab, u can get more expensive rooms, and Dubai Mall have the biggest Aquarium.

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