Accommodations in Durban, South Africa

Accommodations in Durban, South Africa

Accommodations in Durban, South Africa

The City of Durban

The city of Durban is South Africa’s Premiere sub-tropical beach holiday destination. It’s the most populous city in KwaZulu-Natal, which is a province of South Africa. Luxury and quality are definitely non-negotiable when it comes to Durban accommodation. Durban’s climate is warm and moderate all year round. Surfing and swimming are the popular activities holiday makers take advantage of on the many safe beaches. Durban is famous for being one of the most surf-friendly cities in the world. Other popular beach activities are angling, fishing and boating.

Industrial Centre

Durban is also a thriving industrial centre, metropolis and supports a major harbor. Some Industries include sugar refining, fishing, shipbuilding and ship repairing ,petroleum refining, automobile assembly ,the manufacture of food products, fertilizers, soap, paint, chemicals, footwear and textiles.

Restaurants and Shopping

Well known for its exceptional restaurants and shopping centers. It is highly advisable to book and confirm your Durban accommodation beforehand when it comes to peak season (December and January) as lots of holiday makers descend upon all the hotels and beach locations looking for Durban accommodation.


Durban is a vibrant, exciting and multicultural city with Indigenous African Zulus, European settlers and the biggest population of Indians outside of the country of India. There is a vibrant Asian/African feel to the city merged with old colonial and traditional African influences, Durban boasts a huge spice market called the “Victoria Street Market” and is legendary for its culinary diversity. Durban has excellent curry restaurants and you must try “Bunny Chow” while you’re there. Durban’s multicultural attractions are perhaps its most attractive assets. There are Zulu cultural villages to visit, museums, theme parks, botanical gardens and township tours.

Source by David Campos