5 Best Luxury Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

5 Best Luxury Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

My top recommendations for the best hotels in Las Vegas. Vegas has a staggering array of hotel options. Which hotel should you pick? So many choices! New York, Paris, Venice, you can stay in all of these places on just one street in Las Vegas! Join me as I walk through the 5 most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas, with 5 more “honorable mentions” that are worth considering if you have the cash!

5. Four Seasons & Delano in Mandalay Bay

Four Seasons: A gaming-free sanctuary at the southernmost end of the Strip. Occupies floors 35-39 of Mandalay Bay, has its own lobby,restaurants—and pool.

Delano: In a separate tower adjacent to Mandalay Bay the Delano is good for travelers wanting a quiet retreat still near the Vegas hustle and bustle.

4. Caesars Palace

Located at the very center of the strip, Caesars Palace is classic Las Vegas that continually reinvents itself and remodels to stay fresh. The most “boutique” rooms are within the Nobu “hotel within a hotel”, of what was once the old Centurion tower.

3. Bellagio

Everybody knows the Bellagio because of the amazing fountain show. In addition to the fountain, it’s a great hotel too. It’s a “newish” hotel, but with an upscale classic vibe.

2. Wynn & Encore

About as far north on the strip as you want to stay, the Wynn & Encore hotels are best described as a floral paradise, with heavy use of red paint, red carpet, and red upholstery. If you like the color red, you’ll love the Wynn and the Encore.

Honorable Mention: Sky Suites at Aria

Honorable Mention: Cosmopolitan

Honorable Mention: Mandarin Oriental

Honorable Mention: Skylofts at MGM Grand

1. Venetian & Palazzo

Themed on Venice Italy, with canals, gondolas, and complete with St. Marks square. My favorite hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel complex is the 2nd largest in the world with 7,117 rooms. And the 2nd largest Casino in the world.. Only bested by the Venetian Macao. Palazzo is the tallest hotel in Las Vegas. With rooms starting at 650 square feet, the standard rooms at the Venetian are among the largest on the Strip — Even the base-level rooms contain floor-to-ceiling windows, a king-size pillow-top bed dressed in Egyptian cotton sheets, and a bedroom that is partially separated from the sunken living room.

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37 thoughts on “5 Best Luxury Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

  1. Tom Mast says:

    Caesars is a freaking dump!!!! #4? Better than Mandalay? Caesars is dated, smells, dirty. You have no creditability…Aria blows Caesars away

  2. Robert Patterson says:

    What happens in Vegas , stays in Vegas..
    Ur- ine Luck … go with the flow.,, hang wang in the hotel hallway…. 😳😎

  3. Hector Morena says:

    I completely agree with #1. But disagree totally with the other hotels on the top 5 list (Winn, Bellagio, etc.). They do not even provide rooms with two queen beds. Just two doubles. I know this is done on purpose to avoid 4 people in a room but it´s a basic shortcoming of so called luxury hotels.

  4. Ryan says:

    Stayed at almost all of them. The Bellagio is my pick: centrally located, fountains, garden room etc. The Wynn is really nice, but it’s location is too far away from other hotels for me. 💯

  5. YAHVISION Rowles says:

    All of those Hotels need to step up and into the future by adding (The Universal Backwash & Massage Unit) by "YAHVISION" 😁😃

  6. cosybully says:

    I am a first – time viewer, and I like your videos. You have a pleasant personality, a good voice, and you talk about what is most relevant.

  7. J6A Jackson says:

    @Yellow Productions the Waldorf Astoria is indeed a downgrade from the mandarin oriental and I devastated when I read the news back in 2018. I wanted to go back to that hotel in 2019, but ever since Waldorf took it, it took away the one best environments that the MO had, I want the mandarin oriental back.

  8. Francesca M says:

    Great video! Good job ✌💪💪👏👏👏 I am Italian and I hope to come in the United States soon! Bye 🙋‍♀️🙂☺

  9. Matthew Chan says:

    I usually stay at the Palazzo on my yearly trips to Vegas! They're always so great when it comes to hospitality and luxury. I'm hoping to stay at the Cosmopolitan the next time I'm in Vegas to change things up a bit 🙂

  10. Joe R says:

    The Waldorf Astoria is pretty tight to be honest. Figured it would have made it guess not though. I like this video a lot though, I decided to go with a Bellagio Salone Suite with a fountain view.

  11. Jake Tapper says:

    Just went to Vegas first time and used hotwire first night Fri. Labor day weekend we got palace station for 79$ then we were roomless for a night due to not booking anything sooner and it being so expensive. So I drove to zion that night spent the day there then came back and booked hotwire again. we got the palazzo poolside suite for 109$ it was hands down the best hotel I've ever stayed at. But was really surprised to find it is nicer than Bellagio or caesars palace

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