6 Most Beautiful Beaches in Durban

Situated on the east coast of South Africa, Durban is known for its golden beaches and warm waters. Here we look at some of the best sites to visit while in the city, whether you wish to sit relax and enjoy the sunset or jump into the sea and enjoy surfing on the waves.


North Beach

This forms part of the Golden Mile, which is a strip of some of Durban’s best beaches. This mighty north beach is popular for a reason. Bordered by a long pier of leisurely afternoon strolls, a collection of food joints, and public pools, this North Beach is always happening. With relatively calm waters surely this proves to be the popular spot for swimmers, surfers, joggers, skaters, and even those just walking their dogs. If you arrive there early in the morning, you will always find someone to chat with while watching the sunrise over the Indian ocean.


Umhlanga Rocks

Located in the north of Durban is Umhlanga Rocks with slightly choppier waters, much quieter and trendier. This beach boasts a whalebone pier that CNN regards as one of the most ‘Beautiful piers in the world’. The beach is characterized by golden sands with a running path that leads from the iconic lighthouse all the way to the spectacular Isimangaliso wetland park, a world heritage site. The beach is surrounded by some upmarket restaurants with proximity to the Gateway Mall, the biggest mall in Africa.


Umdloti Beach

Found again in the north of Durban a little further out, you will arrive at Umdloti Beach. This Durban beach is a popular dancing ground for the locals who try to avoid the busier beaches. The beach resembles a cosy enclosed lagoon-type swimming venue with lots of rock pools with an open section for surfing. The beach is also famous for the early morning spectacle of dolphins during July – November period.


Ansteys Beach

Regarded as a ‘hidden gem’, Ansteys Beach is a small beach located in Bluff. A seaside suburb south of Durban. The beach has some shallow spots for swimmers paraded by lifeguards and shark nets. This area is perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing amongst Durban Beaches. A stroll along this laidback beach will give you a view of the exposed rock pools.


Ushaka Beach

Sometimes referred to as the apartheid beach, due to the pier in the south which came to be known as a diving wall. In spite of its history, this Durban Beach is fun, friendly, and famous for kayaking, kite surfing, and of course surfing. To the north of this beach runs the Addington Beach and to the south is UShaka Marine World, which offers a world-class aquarium and water world. Moyo uShaka Pier is where you will find quirky café and Vetch’s pier is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. If the mood allows simply sit on the grassy higher ground and look out for dolphins on this beautiful starch of cost.


Tiger Rocks Beach

To the south of Durban in Isipingo, this quiet far-flung beach is almost unheard of. This beach boasts some of the best views of the east dolphin views.  This rocky beach has numerous pools that host an array of marine habitats and it draws fishermen from all over the world especially due to its famous sardine run in water. It is quite a beautiful location which reveals its beauty in a gentle way. Whether you are watching whales while diving in the ocean at dawn or spending a late afternoon sitting around fishermen on the rocks.