6 Reasons Why Airplane Food Tastes Different

6 Reasons Why Airplane Food Tastes Different

So, airplane food. The best part of flying, right? Who doesn’t like to hear the phrase “Chicken or fish?” But it seems that the question really is “to eat or not to eat?”… Did you know, for example, that your airplane food isn’t exactly super fresh? Typically, your meal gets prepared 10 hours before you take that first bite. Or that all the dishes you eat from during the flight – even plastic ones! – are reusable?

Interesting enough, that fact is that airline companies plan all their meals up to a year in advance! They count every single cherry tomato that you’ll later find in your salad. Can you imagine that? You’ve probably heard that famous story when American Airlines managed to save $40,000 after they removed an itsy-bitsy olive from each salad on their flights! Yep, it’s all about the right planning.

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Where the food is prepared 1:13
Why it contains much more spice, salt, and sugar 2:59
What happens to the food when a plane can’t leave on time 3:48
Tomato juice? Give me two! 4:55
Reusable dishes 😬 6:10
Is their water safe to drink? 6:42

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– Airplane food is prepared on the ground, not far from the airport. Large airline catering companies, such as LSG Sky Chefs, can produce a whopping 15,000 bread rolls in an hour and more than 30,000 sandwiches a day! And mind you, they work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
– You wouldn’t be able to eat this food right after it’s been cooked on the ground! The trick is that, let’s say, chicken usually leaves the kitchen only 60% done, and steak – just 30% ready.
– When you’re on the plane, your nose gets dry because of low humidity. This, along with the pressure change during the take-off and even the constant noise from jet engines, makes your taste buds not as perceptive as they are on the ground.
– If there’s a delay which is announced in advance, the food just stays in its fridge-lounge. If the delay is too long, the airlines just dump the load and ask the catering company for a replacement shipment.
– After you finish, there are still some cookies left on the tray. But you’re so stuffed, you decide to leave them: after all, they’re unopened, and surely the airline will be able to serve them on another flight.
– On the other hand, it was a great surprise for me to find out that all the dishes I eat from during the flight – even plastic ones! – are reusable. The same catering companies that prepare food for airlines also have huge dishwashing areas where they wash and sanitize plates, cups, and cutlery.
– Airlines state that the water they use to make hot drinks is safe to drink and meets all necessary regulations. But the fact is that the water tanks on planes often become a playground for all kinds of bacteria.

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38 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Airplane Food Tastes Different

  1. • têalfløwer • says:

    I brought my favourite snack which is chips and I love it
    But in the plane it taste horrible
    Guess I know why it tasted like that now

  2. ღ Evie Chan ღ says:

    I like airplane food-

    Tbh I've flew on a plane by myself a few times when I was 8. Most people won't believe me but ya- I think flying alone is fun, and I even made a friend who flew alone as well, she looked around 15-17.

  3. Mutiara P Gunarso says:

    Since someone ate fish near me, I almost never take my in-flight meal when I am on board. I prefer to eat the side dish or bring my own food instead.. Idk why.. I don’t like the smell of in-flight meals.. i used to close my nose with something or just hold my breath.. otherwise I would feel 🤢🤢🤢 …

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