#708 What's REALLY on RODEO DRIVE? – Jordan The Lion Daily Vlog travel advice (7/15/18)

#708 What's REALLY on RODEO DRIVE? - Jordan The Lion Daily Vlog travel advice (7/15/18)

#708 What’s REALLY on RODEO DRIVE? – Jordan The Lion Daily Vlog (7/15/18)

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39 thoughts on “#708 What's REALLY on RODEO DRIVE? – Jordan The Lion Daily Vlog travel advice (7/15/18)

  1. Inna Tozakian says:

    Hi Jordan,
    Thank you for sharing this video! I loved ♥️it! Now I can say that I haven seen Rodeo Drive without going there. I’m so happy that you did it. Very cool 😎.Happy New year 202! 🎊♥️

  2. Marie Duran says:

    I wasn't bored at all, but I get into shopping anyway, and in case you don't know Vera Wang has been designing jewelry for Avon for a couple of years now. I am glad to see she has got a store there. You can say Rodeo Dr. is the 5th avenue of Hollywood.

  3. Alice Milling says:

    What so amazing to me is all the famous streets like bourbon st ,Biel street Rodeo dr
    You think from looking on TV that its s big place but when you get there its really only a couple of blocks never been to Rodeo dr but I've bee to Biel and Bourbon
    Thanks Jordan it was interesting to see whats there lol couldn't afford anything there tho 🤣👍

  4. Wayne North says:

    Thanks for the tour. I'd always heard about Rodeo Drive, but didn't know what it was. I get so excited when I find something I need or want in the Dollar Store. I've had to become so bargain conscious. Some of the outfits probably don't even have pricetags. You hand over the card and it's yours!

  5. Shirley Siebert says:

    I didn’t think it was boring. I will never get to g there so much t was great to see what everyone talks about. Thank you

  6. Smokey Bear says:

    Am I the only one who never feels the need to constantly bang on the horn when driving? I don’t know anyone else who does it either. It’s almost these people are payed to drive around honking to give these places more of a “city” feel lol.

  7. Kiamichi Ozarks says:

    😲 Erratic: looking every bit like a silver dog turd. 😟?
    Jordan, I really like your videos , I’ve been watching them for years and then for some reason I got unsubscribed. (I don’t know why.). So… I’ve missed some of your videos for awhile now, I’m happily back on board, trying to catch up. 👍🏼❤️✌️

  8. rosa spanjol says:

    Those stores sell stuff that most of us can’t afford to buy😥.. not really fun😥.. but we can afford to walk and look that’s about all we ca afford!

  9. Connie Feltman says:

    Do you know that My husband and I were in L.A. sometime ago for a Dr. Pepper Conference and never entered my mine to go to Rodeo Drive! How stupid! Of course, out of my price range! lol
    Thanks for finally getting me there! 🌹

  10. Moving Forward says:

    Strange trivia. I don't know if you believe in astrology and the universal forces. I was born on August 9th…same day as Whitney Houston (different year). The day she died, she was taking a bath in the afternoon, getting ready for the awards show. I took a bath in the afternoon too. It's not something I typically do… It came to mind when her death was announced. I just find it wild.

  11. Sara Swanson says:

    273 is Fred’s famous perfume, named after his Rodeo Drive address. He was one of the first to own property there & 273 was his way of honouring that place. Fred passed on several years ago but his classy & elegant style is still here. He was always approachable & I remember many interesting conversations about Hollywood in it’s hay day that Fred talked to his customers, if you were ever lucky enough to be shopping there when he’d be there. A real Hollywood character & the American dream. AND his 273 smells luscious.

  12. Sara Swanson says:

    This wasn’t a boring one at all. Many of us would like to stroll here as well. You walked by Fred’s though with the cool giant perfume bottles in the window. Fred Hayman perfume

  13. j v says:

    frasier: my frette hand towels with tulle lace insert.

    later: I want my purse back! frasier: and I MY HAND TOWEL! GET OUT!


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