19 thoughts on “AirAsia, Best Low Cost Airline in Asia!

  1. Jim Jepson says:

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  2. Eddy Aizad says:

    Air Asia – World's Best Low Cost Carrier ! Congratulations. To those complainers, if you have money take full service airlines such as Malaysia Airlines or Singapore Airlines for higher standards. If you don't have the money, and all you have a few dollar in you bank account or that you company can only afford to send you via low cost carrier, just be thankful and JUST SHUT UP !. Look at yourself first before complaining as it only reflects poorly on YOU and NOT on Air Asia.

  3. ChrisYeoh says:

    @Chris58851 If you tried many airlines, what about the regional Tiger Airways? Their website even store Trojan Horse virus in the past and offering higher price. Ryanair in British just like shit. They almost using toilet for making extra money and inventing standing seats which is still hasn't approved by Air Travel Authority. Southwest Airlines even fly their passengers with holes on fuselage.

  4. ChrisYeoh says:

    @youngpurplebunny Delay are possible because all of the airlines around the world are suffering delays, including prestige airlines like Malaysia Airlines. Just like the term, "You brought an Apple then you get an Apple". Are you expecting watermelon? If you're unsatisfied with AirAsia cheap seat, try premium class. They will treat you like VIP's. Also I found their websites are flexible unlike Malaysia Airlines which giving errors around the time.

  5. groomy says:

    @Chris58851 I know what is budget airline. But is that budget airline = delay, canceled flight with no ANY inform, unprofessional service???????? It budget, it cheap, but still I have paid!

  6. Jake Nunyobiz says:

    This airline is the worst for customer service. I don't know anyone who hasn't had a problem with them. They mess up people's flights, don't make announcements, ask for bribes to get on etc. The management is corrupt, and they blame all problems that they create on their passengers. What a joke. "what do you expect from a low-cost airline?" We answer: no matter your business model, common sense and keeping promises is the bottom line

    Save yourselves money, don't get screwed by Air Asia.

  7. groomy says:

    Sure I tried other airline before, that is why I got the comparing. I hate Airasia, I will ask all my friends don't use this airline!!!!!!!!

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