American Airlines B777-300ER First Class New York to London (+ JFK Flagship Lounge)

American Airlines B777 300ER First Class New York to London

Read my review of this flight here:

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42 thoughts on “American Airlines B777-300ER First Class New York to London (+ JFK Flagship Lounge)

  1. Matthew Unger says:

    Love to see the Sprite can instead of a glass of champagne. I don't know why, but it's oddly satisfying in the Flagship First lounge to see that. Great video (as always.) Cheers!

  2. LittleLordFancyLad says:

    Wow, I shouldn't have watched the Virgin, Singapore Airlines, BA, Air France, KLM videos first. This is really sad.
    I'm scared to watch Air Canada's now. Probably a lawn-chair and some microwaved Kraft Dinner.

  3. lmaokay says:

    Nice video. I remember, I had went on American Airlines for a trip to Europe, and the TV was missing the entertainment category. I was pretty upset, but I found a way to have fun.

  4. 맹일영 says:

    I have been flying with AA since 1982 (mostly first and business class),and AA services are going down hill from great to D- and keep diving. Their mileage program is even worse, no respects 4 million milers, even UA , Delta have better recognitions and rewards. This so called mileage reward is addictive and poisonous. I am missing good old days when travel was pleasure, fun and exciting adventure for everyone and US carriers were among the top tiers(remember PANAM SERVICES !).

  5. jc2971 says:

    Was on this flight in the Fall of 2016. I don't know what anyone could want more. My only complaint is that the dessert choices are not the greatest. However, as for comfort and service, A A does a first class job.

  6. OMGz1122 says:

    It looks very comfy, but it just looks like a european business class rather than a first class. Could use abit more premium designs. I'd be completely happy in AA first class tho

  7. John Iii says:

    I prefer the morning departure on this route. Get into London have dinner go to bed. The flight is too short to get much sleep on the way over

  8. Real Russian says:

    Great review, thank you for filming it. One of the reasons i avoid flying US based airlines is lounges. So overcrowded, people are on top of each other, food selection is horrible (look at middle eastern and Asian carriers please!). American call those narrow seats a flagship? Touch screens seem to have the same issue with either when you don’t touch them hard enough or you’re going too crazy when it scrolls and can’t stop in time.

  9. Marco Polo says:

    I am surprised! American has improved a lot! The suite and the bedding appeared to be top notch. The menu was varied and offered good choices, the wine list not exceptional but ok. They are certainly a better choice than BA these days.

  10. cameronpaul says:

    Thanks for the video. The "Flagship" lounge looks cheap but that's no surprise. Fairly standard first class product. Value for money would depend of course on what price you're paying.

  11. claus stimpfig says:

    meal on that so called first class flight is of businessclass Standard. there is no luxury aspect to view here. but thanks for the video

  12. B U says:

    Emirates is state owned. You want your tax dollars going to make AA incredible? If not, then shut the fuck up. It's a completely different system and really, it's not all that bad on AA.

  13. Springbok295 says:

    Well if AA was a state run carrier flush with oil revenue from a small nation then it would be as fantastic as Emirates, Qatar, Etihad etc etc etc. But AA fights hard for what it can afford and stay in business.

  14. Tom says:

    I have to say, it actually looks very interesting and original! Sure, the Gulf liners have very lavish first class, but considering value for money, its pretty good. This new first class in American stands to compete and beat many of its European/American competitors.

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