American Airlines Boeing 777 Business Class from Miami to London

American Airlines Boeing 777 Business Class from Miami to London

Join me on this flight in Business Class onboard an American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER from Miami (USA) to London (UK).

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48 thoughts on “American Airlines Boeing 777 Business Class from Miami to London

  1. Johannes Bols says:

    Please continue to broadcast your archived footage pre-pandemic. Question: 00:34 the overhead illuminated sign reads PRIORITY CHECK IN. Then you pan queues until 00:44. I'm unclear where the Priority Check-In was. I have flown long haul International First Class and Business Class. I have never seen a line of such proportions for First or Business Class check in.

  2. Essakki IV says:

    I feel that I am in American airways 777
    Super video
    Best visual
    Educative video
    Embrassing video
    Thanks for presenting Bro.

  3. Rose Pelzel says:

    How was the food? Appreciate the clips because they get me dreaming of going somewhere!! Lol!! This did feel a bit rushed, tho. More like how I feel when I am traveling 😉! Miami is not a favorite airport of mine…. thoughts?? Yes, keep posting!!!

  4. Buckeye Fan says:

    Yes – please post EVERYTHING you have! I haven’t been able to watch for a while and just got back on tonight and didn’t realize how much I miss traveling until I saw the footage of the airport and it made me cry – I guess tears for the times when life was normal, care free and fun. Praying we will be able to live like that again in the future.

  5. MariaCKoutoudjian says:

    Yes, of course. Don't mind the quality or the production. I like to see in real as we were travelling with you. Go ahead. 👍

  6. Dina Patel says:

    I have watched all your travel and hotel stays etc the best was sovena jani ones in the Bali one . How r u doing during Covid ? No travels ? I work in the hospital lab testing covid since Feb 2020 can’t even imagine to travel toDallas Tx to see my parents. Good luck n hope happy travels to. You .

  7. Semsem Eini says:

    The good old days. LOL. Seats are too far away from the window. Lucky you flew Business. Economy sucks on American. Lousy legroom and mediocre food. Crew on international flights are generally nice. But on our last flight Miami to New York terrible. DELTA is a lot better.

  8. amyloidse fibrose says:

    I have two common things with you, love of traveling and being a Physician. What specialty are you? I am a General Internal Medicine specialist with a hospital focused practice from Canada and an Acute Internal medicine specialist.

  9. Abhijit Guha says:

    AAh Miami. One of my favourite destinations in the US. Ocean/Sunny Beaches/Palm trees/Cuban coffee.A deadly combo. Miami never loses her fatal attraction.

  10. Mr Perpetual says:

    Do you have any trips using Air Italy? I flew on them in April 2019. Was their first direct flight from SFO-MXP. They didn’t last long.

  11. Param K says:

    Flight attendants talking to each other instead of greeting passengers n welcoming business class passengers. Then they cry when they lose jobs/benefits…

  12. Zara Davinia says:

    Yes! Please post them!! I’ve only just discovered your channel but it certainly brought forth all the emotions of flying, the excitement, hope, serenity. We had two trips cancelled due to covid so this was a welcomed vlog! Thank you!!

  13. Karl Dunne says:

    I miss the A380..😢😥. definitely wish they would be a regular International flights….but sadly,.they can't fill them..

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