ANA First Class Suite 777-300ER Tokyo Narita to Chicago NH114

ANA First Class Suite 777-300ER Tokyo Narita to Chicago NH114

Filmed on a Nikon D5500 and a Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 lens at 1080p60.
This is my longest video thanks to the gorgeous views on this flight and the extensive first class menu. No Star Wars jet this time sadly, but there are desserts with gold leaves! ANA has several (I think 3 Suite Lounges) for first class passengers in the terminal. This particular lounge is towards the center of the terminal and gets substantially more traffic than the lounge I was in last time, which was right at the end of the terminal away from most gates. It got very crowded thanks to delays from other flights.
Service wise in the lounge you are escorted to your seat and a drink of your choice and a hot towel is brought to you. Then you are left on your own for refills and for food.
Food wise ANA is top notch. Everything was flavorful, fresh and tasted amazing. They even serve an edemame dessert with gold leaves! The dessert in the lounge is delicious and I really enjoyed the mango cream roll and the passionfruit jello cream cake. However, I was careful not to fill up on dessert since I was looking forward to the flight.
Onboard, I was welcomed by a very cute and friendly FA and the chief purser and escorted to my seat. They were both incredibly friendly and encouraged me to take as much pictures as possible, and we took selfies together towards the end of the flight. As a matter of fact, during the sunset, the purser saw me taking videos from my seat in 2K and welcomed me to go to A side of the plane where the view was much more stunning. There was no caviar service on this flight, however the purser brought me various food items with caviar (including from the japanese menu), which I thought was very nice touch. I decided to go with the special menu this time and was not disappointed. Everything from the appetizer to bread to the dessert was excellent, especially the steak main course. It was one of the best steaks I ever had. It was juicy and actually chewable unlike my Cathay steak which I almost choked on, and tasted significantly better than the disappointing chicken I had on Cathay first. The crust on top combined with the japanese mustard enhanced the savoriness of the the beef. I also decided to try some of the light bites. The fried chicken I loved the octopus was a bit too salty but still very good. I was too full for breakfast but decided to order the japanese breakfast so I try it out and film it. It was delicious as well.
Sleep wise, I love ANA’s bedding and pajamas. The blanket was light but can retain heat very well. Since there were extra seats, the wonderful FA made my bed in another seat. It is amazing being on first class and having two seats to lounge around in. At the end of the flight, she presented me with a gift wrapped amenity kit which I thought was a very sweet and lovely touch.
The flight was only 12 hours so time passed by very quickly and soon I had to bid farewell to the crew.
Overall, ANA is truly one of the best of the best, and this flight was made even better by a friendly and approachable crew. It is clear they put a lot of thought in to their product and the Japanese attention to detail and service means everything you experience will be top quality.
***Audio from roughly 3:20 to 4:40 was cut due to a copy right claim***



24 thoughts on “ANA First Class Suite 777-300ER Tokyo Narita to Chicago NH114

  1. raven scott says:

    nice video, but I would have enjoyed it more if you speak and tell us about what you thought and how you liked or disliked the food.

  2. OneHairyGuy says:

    Okay, who cares about the menu?? I don’t. It seems like this person has ton first class just once. So they need to brag. For those who have never been on first class, it is amazing. Truly it is. How about showing us the benefits of flying first class instead of the menu?? Show why we should fly on one airline instead of anyone else. I’ve flown all over the world on first class. Some carriers are better than others. Some make you feel like you’re a king. Others make you feel like you’ve a passenger on a dying ship. Show us the good, the bad and the ugly. Gracious.

  3. Jang Ha says:

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  4. yukaka 777 says:


  5. Darth Fluffy says:

    And for those bitching, NOBODY'S first class is worth the price. 0-6 hours premium economy. Anything over 6 hours, business class. If you need more luxury, save money, take a cruise ship.

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