ANA First Class Suite (Star Wars 777) Tokyo Narita to New York JFK NH104

ANA First Class Suite (Star Wars 777) Tokyo Narita to New York JFK NH104

The lounge was one of the smaller First Class lounges but the food and sake were delicious. The desserts especially were flavorful. As soon as I entered the lounge, I was greeted by two attendants. While they checked me in, I noticed they pressed a button, and soon another attendant showed up to bring me to my seat. Simply seamless service.
ANA flies its BB-8 Star Wars 777 on NH104 to New York and back everyday and I was welcomed on to the flight with a friendly crew and the Star Wars soundtrack.
There is a silver colored Samsonite amenity kit in addition to the 4 colors shown on their website. The kit was definitely one of the many highlights of the flight. It was filled with The Ginza products and definitely a very unique souvenir. The seat itself is very private but it severely limits views of the window. The flight had a full first class but the crew can only be described as 5 stars. They made sure the bathrooms were open before I changed and came by through the aisles often to check up on passengers. The Japanese chief purser also spoke English and Mandarin and used Mandarin whenever she had some difficulty with English. Everything was professional, courteous, attentive.
The food were delicious as well, although not as delicious as the memorable meal I had on Japan Airlines’ First Class. The FA pushed me to try the special Connoisseur menu but I wanted to see how the Japanese cuisine compared between the two airlines. I will try it next time. The plum wine and the sake were excellent drinks/alternatives to champagne if you wanted to try something more “local.” I also had the matcha which was very nicely presented. I realized after the flight that the caviar service must be ordered separately… Not sure why they would do that since there is no reason to “hide” such a service when the airline has already paid money for the caviar.
Sleeping wise, the padding was actually small for seat and the pillows were small, but it was all very comfortable and I slept 7 hours. In all, ANA is truly an amazing airline.



39 thoughts on “ANA First Class Suite (Star Wars 777) Tokyo Narita to New York JFK NH104

  1. Sandra Williamson says:

    I wish you would not take so much time showing the menu would rather tell what you ordered. And as far as drink menu you can skip that mostly all the same…but I love that you show all the kits and stuff like that

  2. yerric says:

    I flew London Heatrhow to Tokyo Haneda ANA first class in May 2018 and was an absolutely delight. From comfort to food to service. An amazing airline!

  3. Raphiel Ainsworth says:

    If United is a Japanese airline, it was already closed down. Worst airline of Star Alliance. The first one who cook rice that look like a porridge and serve to the business class.

    By the way, the ginza is the most expensive cosmetics series of shiseido. A normal size facial cream is over $900 and exclusive for the store which is inside the Shiseido headquarter.

  4. LadyDragonsblood says:

    I would go hungry…. I don't eat fish, or fish bait…… and I am allergic to shell fish….. they need to have much more in the way of beef or chicken or perhaps, rabbit, turkey, venison…… oh and I forgot, I also do not want to even smell alcohol…. so I don't think flying is for me. But, i do like watching others enjoy it!

  5. Nick Secret says:

    I don't like how that if you choose a window seat, that due to the design of the ANA suite, you really only have one window to look out of. That is a big downside of the design in my opinion. I am not sure if it is the camera angle you shot with or not, but it seems to be very limited in regard to enjoying the view and natural light coming in.

  6. Chung Sze Kum says:

    OH, I think the food need to rearrange, the food and dish serving are really awful. The wine and food pairing are not very good. I was supposed Japanese serving the greatest and very elegant, the shape are horror, too dirty, towel I suppose that is very cute of oritagami. The blanket are the lower class and the dishes are also too lower class. I think that is the family lower class cuisine. Chocolate are also too rough. I would like to how much of that flight? I expected ANA is the cutest and very Japanese styling. I think this should shameful of your company airline.

  7. Martha Garrett says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. As an American on a budget income I realize that I'm dreaming of a flight like this. But your videos help me dream in 4k and in color!

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