Best Food 2017 – MUST EAT! + Top Travel Destinations and Favorite Camera Gear!

Best Food 2017 - MUST EAT! + Top Travel Destinations and Favorite Camera Gear!

2017 has been amazing, thank you for being part of it!
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In this Best food of 2017 review video I’m going to reveal to you the 10 best meals I ate in 2017… but it was so hard to narrow down and there were so many other culinary experiences that I wanted to highlight as being the best of the year, so I also had to include a few of my favorite travel destinations and culinary experiences of 2017 as well.

Get ready for street food, high end food, villages and cities, and food that will make your mouth water!

Finally, at the end, I’ll share with you some of my favorite camera gear that I’ve used in 2017:

Gear I used 2017:
►Main camera:
►Main lens:
►2nd lens:

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Finally I want to say a huge thank you for your amazing support and watching my videos throughout this year, you’ve been awesome.

I can’t wait to share with you lots more food and travel in 2018!



24 thoughts on “Best Food 2017 – MUST EAT! + Top Travel Destinations and Favorite Camera Gear!

  1. Mark Wiens says:

    Video is a little early today, because in the Eastern part of the world it's coming up on New Year's Eve already… but just wanted to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year 2018! Here's a playlist of videos with all the best meals:

  2. Annie Low says:

    All these street food must surely be be seasoned with MSG. How can you tell if these cooks do not use it?Asians re never withiut MSGyOU MAY SAY YU DO NOT EAT msg BUT THE CURRIES ETC ARE ALREADY COOKED BEFORE YOU ORDER, IS IT A WONDER THEN THAT ALL THE FOOD YOU EAT TSTE SO GOO?

  3. Alexandre Navam 9 says:

    Mark is such a beautiful human being. I would love to meet him in person. thank you for sharing so much with us Mark!

  4. Harry Glory says:

    what a nice guy,, i'm your big fan from indonesia.. hope you come to indonesia again,, especially come to bandung ,, so many kind of food there ..

  5. Jordanianjosie Hernandez says:

    I'm from Jordan🇯🇴 I live in America. Southern California n I make kefta all the time. So delicious.

  6. Brooke Taylor says:

    I just want a “Top of all time” video. I’m curious of his favorite places and foods. Like which meals have you had that would make you go back again just for that meal. Those are the locations i want to go to.

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