Boracay Island – Getaway Travel Show

Boracay Island Getaway Travel Show

Kate Ceberano visits Boracay Island in 2011. The beach/island named best in the world. This coverage was made by Australia’s travel show “Getaway” on the NINE network.

Boracay Island has won numerous awards including:

– World’s #1 Best Island for 2012 (Americas “Travel & Leisure” Magazine)(
– World’s #4 Best Island for 2011 (Travel & Leisure Magazine)
– Travelers’ Choice 2012 – #1 Best ASIAN Beach Destination (
– Travelers’ Choice 2011 – #1 Best ASIAN Beach Destination (Tripadvisor)
– Travelers’ Choice 2011 – #2 Best Beach Destination in the World (Tripadvisor)



32 thoughts on “Boracay Island – Getaway Travel Show

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  4. Rachel레이첼 says:

    i went on a boracay trip this past month and had the best time of my life. i made a video about it! I hope u guys check it out 😀 heres the link — watch?v=CDzEg8pzfY4

  5. sheryl choi says:

    don't check out this video if you are just going to be envy. we don'T just have beautiful beaches but rich coral reef below the sea.

  6. sheryl choi says:

    it is crowded cuz people are keep coming back…and they even forget that there are 7,000 more islands in the philippines,i think it is because of white sand and party

  7. Sinauna says:

    Corrupt politicians makes this country very low. Back in 70s the philippines was number 2 below usa, also philippines would be the best if they didnt reject spanish and american colonization

  8. pnoysuede says:

    Actually i live in europe and i've been to different beaches around the world. though i havent been in malaysia yet i believe the beaches in the philippines are at par if not better than your beaches in malaysia. Boracay might be overcrowded but its pristine water and white sand is truly the best in asia.

  9. The Bruvvers says:

    Sometimes you need to get out of your own country to see the world…I know because I've been to some of these places 🙂 Bora Bora and other Polynesian Islands..and also Maldives *smirk*

  10. pnoysuede says:

    you might as well check Caramoan islands, Malapascua islands, Pagudpud beach, El Nido, Coron islands all in the Philippines and find out what paradise is really all about.

  11. The Bruvvers says:

    Have you been to Redang Island off Terennganu Malaysia? Clear blue sea. That's what I'm talking about. And islands off Sabah, Malaysia. Sipadan, Semporna, Manukan, Sapi, etc.

  12. eskimoblue says:

    @TheDenz4u Thanks for your comment. Good to know. Do you know if Citta di Mare development in Cebu has already started? If you have not heard of it, please check it out. It looks quite impressive.

  13. eskimoblue says:

    @braggyreyes Thanks for your comment. I like the new slogan "IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES". I think it will catch on. Can you tell me more about Bohol and Cebu?Which is better in terms of beaches? Panglao island or Mactan Island?

  14. braggyreyes says:

    this is a great video,it presented boracay well,i really feel positive about the development of the caticlan airport,we have a great country, great people, for as long as the corrupt officials get annihilated one by one! we'll be on our way to the top! IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES 🙂 CHEERS!

  15. eskimoblue says:

    I agree. There are big plans for this beautiful island. Caticlan Airport is going through a major upgrade to accept international flights. There is talk that it will be called Boracay Airport. There is also future development in the north end of the island called Boracay Newcoast which will have high end accommodation and residential properties including new restaurants, entertainment area and a new station as well.

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