Brand New Emirates A380 FIRST Class Review – Christchurch to Sydney (A6-EUK)

Brand New Emirates A380 FIRST Class Review - Christchurch to Sydney (A6-EUK)

Emirates A380 First Class Review – Christchurch (CHC) to Sydney (SYD).

Join me on board a brand-new Emirates A380-800 (A6-EUK, built in June 2016, delivered to Emirates in December this year) in their fantastic First Class product. Watch the included inflight footage, a thorough look at the seat and other aspects of the suite, the in-flight shower, bar and the food and drink. But before that, I begin with a quick look at the Christchurch airport Manaia Lounge, which is a contract lounge used by several airlines and Priority Pass.

Apologies for the rather distasteful episode of the Family Guy which is playing in the background. I’ll need to select something else when I’m filming…

Airline: Emirates Airlines (EK)
Travel class: First
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800, A6-EUK, built in June 2016 and delivered to EK in December 2016
Flight: EK413, CHC-SYD
Date: December 2016
Seat: 4A
Music: “Emirates Airline Boarding Music” by Christian Saglie (permission obtained)

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23 thoughts on “Brand New Emirates A380 FIRST Class Review – Christchurch to Sydney (A6-EUK)

  1. Paul Stewart says:

    We've just hit 200K views! Thanks everyone for watching! Be sure to like and share my videos and I'll keep more of them coming! Qantas, Emirates and BA First coming in the next few months, and the inaugural Qantas 787-9 flight to LAX later in the year! Don't forget to subscribe for the latest updates! 🙂

  2. Groovey Man says:

    Re-watching your videos again during the coronavirus restrictions in Queensland. Just enjoy your work so much. Hopefully you will be able to fly again soon.

  3. Greg Bloomfield says:

    Hey there, Paul..
    Lucky you, being treated like UAE royalty in Emirates' First Class, no less.

    The cubicles are positively massive…surely large enough for Harriett Kelly, one of my "spoiled diva" clients during my years as CEO, COO and Chief Pooper Scooper for my Paws Plus Petsitting & Home Care Co. ( I know…quite the mouthful) in Denver. Harriet's two uber-indulged Pomeranians, Rickie and Tonie, would have had the run of the suite and been pampered into an even higher state of insolence by the Emirate's crew members; especially after being commanded by Harriet to "Watch out for my precious (…hardly…disgusting yappy brats, more like) "puppy-kins" while she occupied the bath suite for the better part of an hour…minimum. (Lots of makeup trowelling and a can of hair lacquer later…), she would emerge graciously coiffed and resplendent in the third Chanel Suit of the day…you get the drift here…I'm sure…
    …hate to say it, but your attache and personal effects looked rather lost in the cavernous expanses of storage space…but suffer on you did…in resplendent style, too.
    My grandad was one of the original financial backers of a struggling U.S.Postal mail and parcel carrier operating out of the Cheyenne Municipal Airport that morphed into modern-day United Airlines..unfortunately C.N. Bloomfield, Sr. and his fellow bankers failed to predicate their investments by demanding a financial percentage of profits or share ownership in the fledgling passenger airline…bad decision, grandpa…indeed.

    A senior VP at United Executive Offices overheard me relaying this bit of United Corporate history to an administrative assistant handling another matter; whereupon he whisked my 80-yr. old mother Lois and myself into the hushed confines of the UAL Executive Dining Room and commanded the production of a 1954 bottle of dom…even though Mom was raised in the well-heeled village of Winnetka on Chicago's North Shore…she leaned over and whispered "just what did you say to that nice young woman in the Executive Office?". To her dying day, I never did say why, but just told her we had her father-in-law to thank for all the unintended "spoiling".
    A good time was had by all.

    Just a sideline, before letting you off the verge of my very personal "trip down memory lane"…
    You, unlike sooooany other vloggers, coose to allow well-composed bylines substitute for the occssionally endless(and often unintelligible) verbal blather of other YouTube denizens..thank you very much for that, my good man!

    Lastly, having lived at the eastern foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Denver for 42 years (… was that long); the mountainous landscape of New Zealand's South Island is NOT merely pretty"…it's " Absolutely Gobsmackingly Awesome", mate!!!

    Cheers, and all best wishes for many "Flights of Reilly" in your future..

    Greg Bloomfield
    [email protected]

    P.S. If your travels ever land you at Denver International ( direct flights on BA out of Heathrow, or Lufthansa from Frankfurt) be sure to forewarn me, so that you can enjoy an overnight at Grand Lake Lodge(southern gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park…America's Swiss Alps).

  4. Justin Bogdan says:

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  5. Charloot says:

    I flew on the exact same aircraft on the exact same flight about 11 months earlier, but in economy because I’m a peasant, and I also watched Family Guy.😲🤔

  6. Andrew Lang says:

    Personally, I have never flown long haul. Not many places in the world I have wanted to go to. I liked the look of the lounge in Christchurch. I like clean & decent, rather than bling or "up themselves".

  7. Celia Postol says:

    For some reason the cheese board made me think of Monty Python's cheese shop sketch. Are you a Python fan by any chance?

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