British Airways A380 business class London to Vancouver (decline in service)

British Airways A380 business class London to Vancouver (decline in service)

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21 thoughts on “British Airways A380 business class London to Vancouver (decline in service)

  1. john donbavand says:

    I'm definatly a "what if" flyer, what if all engines break now will we be stuck in the snow I'm especially nervous going polar

  2. BarkerTribute says:

    I felt in love with the flight attendent at 6:35 on the left side immediately. What a wondeful and lovely woman. Never wrote anything before. But this smile is stunning. I would fly from earth to moon with her .

  3. E C says:

    Feels odd watching take off backwards! Lol Rather meh Business Class also the seat configuration and seats looks cramped and it's on an A380! I get they're making cuts but Mac & Cheese is great for a family dinner or eating in front of a TV. Though looking at the comments there was an improvement still Mac and Cheese? Only time I'm nervous is landing.

  4. Casimiro da Silva Santos says:

    Wow! The seat looks cheap, the bed and duvet looks cheap and the food – no comment with Mac & Cheese in business class! The service and the flight must have been a joke!

  5. Live Life says:

    I think the decline started from the merger of IAG , tbh BA were riding on reputation from decades before , but for sure the Merger didnt help , also they didnt move with the times.

  6. Iain Martin says:

    You know the service is going to be below parr for any good airline when two cabin crew would rather chat to each other than welcome you on board – despite making eye contact with you as you crossed from the airbridge door to your isle. I worked and travelled with BA for years back in the 90s and it’s sad to see how their service has dropped far below it’s competition.

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