British Airways Dreamliner B787-9 First Class London to Abu Dhabi (+ Concorde Room)

British Airways Dreamliner B787-9 First Class London to Abu Dhabi (+ Concorde Room)

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32 thoughts on “British Airways Dreamliner B787-9 First Class London to Abu Dhabi (+ Concorde Room)

  1. Johannes Bols says:

    Let's start with the food on offer. What? No mac n cheese with cauliflower? You must've been so crestfallen! lol I was pleased to see you barrel through the woman in steerage who was blocking the aisle. I watch with the volume muted, so I don't know if she was being loud as well as blocking the aisle.

  2. SteveMarsh says:

    One of the things I appreciate most is your stunning camera work showing off the food! As a fellow creator, I understand the skill here! (which I have a lack of!)

  3. gankala8 says:

    It's a terrible business class product. First class on BA is a business class on most airlines. Plus BA charges hefty fuel surcharge on award tickets. It's a scam airline.

  4. Greg Curtin says:

    Thank you for ordering the Arabic Mezze platter. It seems like YouTube has 99 salmon for every Mezze platter. The food should be outstanding for a FC seat price – I would have left starving or begging for an economy meal. No surprise that BA (2020) is in worse financial trouble than the average premium airline.

  5. Елена Шиповская says:

    Очень лаконично, удобно и комфортно. Нет перегрузки цветом, блеском и прочим шиком. Приятное видео, захотелось лететь в таком месте!

  6. Don L says:

    Very nice. Thank you. Don't buy the "best business seat" comments you see here and elsewhere. I have flown BA First more than once and find it to be elegant and worth the cost. The trolls who copy and paste the comments are likely the types whose flight experience consists of an annual flight on Allegiant with the bowling club to Disney World and their idea of fine dining is mom bringing them a microwaved pizza and a couple cans of Coors Light.

  7. Riccardo Botti says:

    Would it be possible to know why all of you in business and first class can freely enter our area in economy while we are forbidden to even set half foot in business or first to have a tour? If regulations are that every one stay in the assigned area, so every one should follow that rule.

  8. Christopher Roskam says:

    So nice to see the fine details like the full menu, knowing what I will actually get if I book during their luxury sale.

  9. Geoff Cox says:

    BA have totally lost their way. Would never ever fly with them again in business class in that absolutely horrific layout. Q-suites on Qatar or Singapore Airlines for me as usually heading out to Australia at least once a year, both dick all over BA and get so much more bang for your buck!

  10. Bob Rogers says:

    Some airlines offer over-the-top extravagance, and if that's what you like, BA will bore you. For a six-hour flight, this was as much luxury as I would be able to appreciate.

  11. 2EmsFromTheDot says:

    I'm still trying to figure out the difference between business class and first class, in terms of looks. They both look the same to me

  12. goodcat1982 says:

    It saddens me us Brits can't do luxury in the skies. BA is horrible. Lacks taste and inspiration and you never get that first class feeling when flying BA. The crews are poor as well. Emirates, Etihad, Singapore etc etc piss all over British airliners. This looked like a plain business class seat

  13. Fitness Model says:

    I finally figured out why I love The Luxury Travel Expert above all other travel vloggers. His videos aren’t: tacky, cheap, badly shot or looks like he’s desperate for followers and advertisers or both. There’s a lot of class with with work. That’s why he’s the only one I subscribe to.

  14. ChristophersMum says:

    I quite prefer this understated style than some which resemble casinos with just over the top and gaudy trappings.

  15. Robert TX says:

    I'm surprised how empty first class is. flying planes empty is probably why BA are loosing so much money. I fly United Airlines 99% of the time and they are ALWAYS full throughout all classes of cabin.

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