Business Class London to Auckland | Evan Edinger Travel

Business Class London to Auckland Evan Edinger Travel

Dodie and I fly business class all the way to Auckland, New Zealand!
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THANKS FOR WATCHING! The emirates flight was lovely! Super comfy and filling haha.

Do you remember when Dodie and I entered that contest to win free flights? This is the result! Thank you SOOO much if you helped us win! Also, thanks to First Class Fashion for providing us with the flights!


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How I make my videos!
Vlogging Camera – Canon G7x:
Time Lapse + Extreme – GoPro Hero 4 Silver:
Camera – Canon 70D:
Lens – Sigma F/1.8 18-35mm:
Microphone – Zoom H4n:
Memory Card:
Editing software – Final Cut Pro X.



50 thoughts on “Business Class London to Auckland | Evan Edinger Travel

  1. Cats01 says:

    You present yourselves like a couple of star-struck teeny boppers on the way to a Frank Sinatra Concert in the 1940's. Really a sad spectacle.

  2. Shakiba Inside A Screen says:

    EMIRATES IS ACTUALLY AMAZING. firstly i got lucky and the plane was underbooked so i had 3 seats to myself it was great. Secondly, i was a lil hungry and i told them and they brought me ice cream, bananas, more ice cream.. 😂 i love emirates ahh

  3. bunnie says:

    I love the difference in reactions to Evans jokes before and after dovan flat ended
    Cause before she seemed pretty over it but in the most recent it’s like she missed it so much and aw

  4. X1xsophie X1x says:

    its so weird watching this after reading dodies book and knowing what she was going through when this was filmed

  5. Olivias Life says:

    I have a problem.
    I can't eat any plane food.
    And when I watch people eat it I can smell it even through a YouTube video. Ahh

  6. CaniceTheSnail says:

    These videos are so underrated like Evan is so amazing at everything he does, his editing is on point and the amount of dedication he puts into his videos and getting them up on time is so mind blowing. I love Evan so damn much he is so brilliant 🙂

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