Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 First Class – Hong Kong to Frankfurt (PHENOMENAL)

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 First Class - Hong Kong to Frankfurt (PHENOMENAL)

Join me on an amazing flight in the intimate First Class cabin of a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER from Hong Kong to Frankfurt. IMHO, Cathay Pacific’s First Class product ranks among the best in the skies.

Read a review of this flight on my travel blog:

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35 thoughts on “Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 First Class – Hong Kong to Frankfurt (PHENOMENAL)

  1. Andrew and Joan Hart says:

    I flew Business Class from London to Hong Kong in August last year. Plane was a bit tired, crew were polite but rarely seen unless summoned. Food was great and I found the movies pretty run of the mill so used my Ipad. Upgrade to First Class would have been great…

  2. Silvio Hidalgo says:

    I took my first flight in first class on cathay pacific first class amd since then I took them twice a year for the Hong Kong jewelry show.
    And with my pardons to Singapore, Cathay is the best in first class.

    The new first class suites in Singapore and Etihad are out of this world

    Sorry Emirates although I love your showers
    I dislike your suites.

    But how did you pay only 140,000 British airways miles. I thought that was business. It is 225,000 normally

    Silvio Hidalgo
    Miami Beach fla

  3. Garrett Jenkins says:

    I like that you didn’t add music during the takeoff portion. It’s always interesting to see how it sounds on takeoff and initial ascent.

  4. barry s says:

    Travelled with Cathay from HK to London once. 12 hour delay. Slept on the floor of the lounge you filmed on this vid. Terrible experience. Nice showers in the lounge though. The flights itself when actually happening were nice.

  5. Steve Just Saying says:

    Why does it feel more like a Business Class? A long-haul First Class should have more privacy. Also, before take off, it usually is a Champagne, Tattinger or something comparable, (but lemonade, really?) Then, Champagne Krug or Dom with the meals, no?

    Maybe things are going down hill, as this video's date is in June, which saw the financial crisis of Cathay Pacific during the pandemic, even to this date.

  6. nixon Zhu says:

    Beautiful video presentation of Cathay Pacific first class. Have flown several times with Cathay Pacific and is as always impressive. By the way, what is the title of the music used in this video?

  7. Raghuchandan Rao Molugu says:

    Yes my first flight in my life was in Cathay Pacific from Mumbai to Bangkok in the year 1998 it was a double decker and awesome flight very good memories and second flight was from Bangkok to Singapore.

  8. Shoni D Llamas says:

    Ok so I love the flight attendants face masks 😷 does anybody know where I could possibly get some face masks similar to theirs???

  9. James Moninger says:

    Really tired of every flight reviewer always having to sit in seat 1A. I click off the video as soon as I see this. It would be nice to see some other perspectives of the cabin, but none of you seem willing to offer it.

  10. Phill Phelan says:

    Hi, It's Phill again-from 4 days ago, I still have the Menu book from the Singapore to Honkers flight CX 710, better than a restaurant, the itinerary plus and the tickets for CX103 HK-MELB

  11. Phill Phelan says:

    Flew Cathay Sing apore-Honkers and Honkers to Melbourne in 1977 as a 29 year old single, BW(Before Wife), that's 43 years ago, Economy i.e. on the cheap, but nothing was cheap on theses flights with Cathay, we had a great crews on board and the flight back to Melbourne the crew joined some of us (as a night time flight) discussing our experiences on our 14 day trip, this made us feel part of the crew, I have been flying since 1964 and have always wanted to feel the same as these flights with Cathay. My company always flew with the Australian business carrier's. I hope you enjoy this video as I did. Phill the Flyer

  12. TruLy - 4 - Ever says:

    “` …thank u much,,,dEAR,,, ' the Luxury Travel Expert ' … for allowing us to join u on YOUR…Many interesting …Travels : )

  13. TruLy - 4 - Ever says:

    @ 23:47 …lol…too adorable…because this is EXACTLY how i dine…usually with several DIFFERENT liquids …usually 3 different TYPES…i know i am a bit odd…but…according to this MENU…i'd FiT …Right iN !!
    : )

  14. George Kuenzli says:

    I have travelled with Cathay Pacific from Zurich (ZRH) to Manila (MNL), in Business Class, via Hong Kong in 2017, and I found Cathay Pacific to be the best airline that I ever used to get to the Philippines. If and when it will be possible again to fly to MNL, I certainly will chose Cathay Pacific again.
    The only negative side I experienced was the Security Control in HKG that all passengers have to go thru, and there was no priority line, at that time.

  15. Sheila Maxwell Ponce de Leon says:

    Thank You for sharing amazing videos. Even if I can't afford First and Business Class, it's like I'm taking the journey together as well. 😍😍😍

  16. Mahesh Subramanian says:

    It’s going to be some time before travel can start up again across the world. Till then your videos are a great getaway. Thanks

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