CAVO TAGOO, Mykonos' trendiest 5-star hotel (Greece): full tour

CAVO TAGOO, Mykonos' trendiest 5-star hotel (Greece): full tour

Join me on a full tour of Cavo Tagoo, the trendiest 5-star hotel on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Read my review of Cavo Tagoo Mykonos (with pros & cons) here:

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43 thoughts on “CAVO TAGOO, Mykonos' trendiest 5-star hotel (Greece): full tour

  1. Wolfgang Huss says:

    lach ..kommt euer innenarchitekt aus ULM ??
    das spiel der farben ..die keine sind (schwarz und weiss)
    mich fröstelt es …dabei .. und denke an den tot !
    alle sehr fein und edel und gepflegt klinisch sauber perfect !!
    keine freude ..keine natur … kein/kaum grün.. kein gelb und keine rote "rose"

    the sunset is very nice chemtrail !
    ich hätte den auftrag nie bekommen … the future is in 5-10 years up to date !!!
    this is up to date perfect !!!
    CORONA = the war of the crown god

  2. Jean-Marc Cousin says:

    Je voulais juste voir si c'était d'un point de vue gay où hétéro…
    C'est d'un point de vue hétéro! En résumé vous vous êtes encore trompées et n'avez toujours pas compris!

  3. Lee Maitland says:

    I love taking time out to envision what I cannot possibly afford now, but will be able to afford regularly in the future. Anyone else watching these amazing videos, just to get a peek at the life they are working hard towards?

  4. Radu Cîrstea says:

    If you wanna see an empty Santorini, july 2020 like an absolute ghost town, go check my video. It's been an amazing experience to just have the entire island for myself.

  5. vasilis Vasilis says:

    It has people who do dislike ? we can understand what country it is from, the country is close to Greece and its name is reminiscent of chicken ,😁😁😁😁

  6. Rodrigo Medeiros says:

    Eu estava empolgado querendo ir, mas após ver as avaliações dos hóspedes, teve um que foi em dezembro de 2019, NÃO falou bem do hotel. Não foi só uma avaliação ruim foram várias e ainda dando detalhes do que aconteceu. Assim não dá para investir numa super viagem e ser mal mal tratado lá. Desisti do cavoo tagoo.

  7. Eternal Summer Rising - Traveling Techies says:

    Cavo Tagoo is a unique luxury hotel near Mykonos town, built into an impressive natural cliffside. With its luxurious barefoot chic aesthetic, its distinctive architecture, versatile services, and respect for traditional elements, Cavo Tagoo unfolds as an unparalleled experience to its guests.

  8. Jr Hitt says:

    Really appreciated seeing this video. It really is a beautifully designed hotel. That said Mykonos was the single biggest travel disappointment of my life. Went there years ago and was so put off by the whole scene that I vowed never to return. That still holds. However I have an Interest and appreciation for good design and this hotel was worth viewing.

  9. Lozzag says:

    OMG😍😍😍 What a beaut place. Great vid.

    Can everyone send me £1 So I can go one day, Pleaseeeeeee lol Cashapp £Lozzagtx

    Love Lauren😘
    Insta lozzax7x

  10. Catherine Hoyos says:

    It’s definitely a beautiful hotel the pool view amazing but I live in Miami and it has that “vibe”. All your videos have sold me on the more remote and private Maldives , Bali they seem to offer a more of a tranquil vibe and sense of being in a whole different environment, “ transports my soul” … many on my bucket list now😀

  11. Terri J Davis says:

    Thank you! I'm discovering this video during the pandemic and it changed my mood instantly. I've dreamed of this hotel for so long – this was such a pleasure!

  12. Angelena Wilson says:

    In what month did you film this? Greece
    has come along way since I’ve been there in 2006.I don’t think they had anything
    like this hotel back then, or maybe they did but I couldn’t afford it then so I wasn’t looking🤣

  13. Antje Kuhn says:

    Trendy is a good word to describe the whole ambiance there. For the young, beautiful and rich ? Do you have to make a reservation for these pool-day beds? Would be nice if they had a little shade. What else can you do in Mykonos?

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