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Traveling with the “AirTrain” is convenient and safe, as you can board directly from the airport terminal and get off at any of Manhattan’s three stops, with ticket purchases made in advance or on site.


A bus can be taken from the east side of the Arrivals Hall, but make sure you have the correct amount in cash for your trip. Alternatively, the ‘NYC Airporter Bus’ is a specially designed airport shuttle that departs from early morning until late at night every 30 minutes. The bus has plenty of luggage space and free Wi-Fi. Passengers can disembark at Grand Central, Penn Station or Port Authority.

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With hundreds of cheap Flights to New York from Chicago landing daily, this airport welcomes many travelers. From the EWR, travelers can take a train to various stops in New York or a bus that takes about 1 to 2 hours but runs year-round from early morning until late at night. “Yellow” taxis are available, but the journey could be a bit tedious, especially during rush hour.


Outside the arrivals hall, taxis are ready and waiting, including the “NYC Airporter Bus” as well as public and private buses that provide transfers to all boroughs. The station is located outside the arrival terminal with full information on prices, duration and departure times. In addition, one can take a “carpooling” service which operates “door to door” readers on demand and takes about 30 minutes.


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