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Also known as Nelson Mandela Bay, Port Elizabeth is often regarded as the welcoming city due to the wonderful nature of the city’s people. It is no longer just a commercial site, but also a center of tourism and adventure. Business is no longer the only reason people come to town. Whether you’re traveling to Port Elizabeth for business or pleasure, we’ll make sure you find Cheap flights to PE. This place offers a feeling of relaxation and calm, while providing all the luxury and fun of a big city.

The city  just like CPT, also referred to as the Windy City, which is quite true as there are some very windy times during the year. It has a subtropical climate with light rains throughout the year. The area lies between the winter rains of the Western Cape and the summer rains of eastern South Africa. Winters are cool but mild. Summers are hot and considerably less humid.

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Port Elizabeth Airport is also known as the ‘Ten Minute Airport’. It is conveniently located a short drive from the CBD and the waterfront and other areas you may consider visiting while in PE. 

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth

Cheap Flights to PE

We compare over 4 million Cheap Cheap flights to PE every year to make sure you get the best deals. Mango, Kulula, FlySafair, Flysaa are some of the airlines offering the cheapest flights to PE. Most of the popular routes to Port Elizabeth include; Cheap Flights from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth and Cheap flights from Durban to Port Elizabeth.

What Airlines Fly To Port Elizabeth?

Some of the more common airlines that fly to Port Elizabeth include:

  1. Mango Airlines (I)
    Flysafair (FA)
    Kulula Airlines (MN)
    Flyairlink (SA)
    South African Airways (SAA)
    British Airways (BA)

Best Time Visit Port Elizabeth

If you are visiting Port Elizabeth as a tourist, the best time would be during the summer period, between December and January. This is the festive time of the year for the Friendly City where it comes to life with a wide variety of sunny activities. Unfortunately, this is probably the most expensive time of year to find Cheap flights to PE, as it falls right in the middle of the holiday season, when flights are in demand.

Cheap flights to PE will be available at this time of year with cheap flights to Kulula, but in general be prepared to pay a premium for flights to Port Elizabeth at this time of year. 

Top Things To Do In Port Elizabeth

  • Explore the Donkin Heritage Trail – take the three-mile trail that follows in the footsteps of famous settlers of 1820.
  • It connects over 47 national monuments and historic sites in Port Elizabeth and is named after Sir Rufane Donkin. This trail includes interesting facts about the area that will teach you about the history of the city.
  • Addo Elephant Park – escape into the bush and spend your time roaming the pristine Eastern Cape in search of wildlife at Addo Elephant Park.
  • The Park is home to over 550 elephants and is South Africa’s third largest national park. Developed to conserve a wide range of wildlife and flora, from the semi-desert Karoo to the coastline of Sunday’s River Valley Mouth.
    Blue Flag Beaches – two of the 6 Blue Flag beaches in the Eastern Cape are located in PE. Both Humewood Beach and Wells Estate Beach have passed the 14 point criteria and achieved Blue Flag status.
  • Visitors can enjoy a stretch of coast that offers wonderful water quality and safety services, including an excellent level of rescue. So soak up the Port Elizabeth sun, head to the beach and catch those beautiful sun rays.
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Cheap Flights to PE
Cheap Flights to PE



Port Elizabeth Weather

What is the frostiest month in PE?

The cool time goes on for 4.2 months, from May 31 to October 4, with a typical day to day high temperature underneath 70°F. The coldest month of the year in Port Elizabeth is July, with a typical low of 47°F and a high of 68°F.

For what reason is PE known as the Windy City?

Frequently alluded to just as PE, Port Elizabeth is otherwise called “the Friendly City” or “The Windy City”. Both of these names are especially able depictions given the glow and cordiality of the nearby inhabitants that more than compensate for the city’s inclination for an intermittent firm breeze.

What is the most smoking time frame in PE?

On the hottest days of the month, the temperature for the most part stretches around 31 °C (87.5 °F). In any case, it came to 35.2 °C (95.4 °F) in August 2016.

Does PE Experience snow?

Weather conditions stations report no yearly snow.

Does PE get a ton of precipitation?

In Port Elizabeth, there is a ton of downpour even in the driest month. This environment is viewed as Cfa as per the Köppen-Geiger environment grouping. In Port Elizabeth, the typical yearly temperature is 18.1 °C | 64.6 °F. The precipitation here is around 563 mm | 22.2 inches each year.

What environment zone is PE?

Blended environment zone
The city of Port Elizabeth is situated in the blended environment zone between the Mediterranean environment and the maritime environment. This implies that the environment of the city has cold but gentle winters and warm summers, yet not unnecessarily sticky and sweltering as it occurs in the northernmost region of the east shore of South Africa.

Why PE name change?

In February, Mthethwa reported a few name changes in Nelson Mandela Bay including the renaming of Port Elizabeth to Gqeberha, which he demonstrated were for change purposes.

What is the most sweltering spot in South Africa?

It is extremely hot and there is no downpour at all. Vioolsdrif is formally probably the most sizzling spot in South Africa; on 27 October 2015, the greatest temperature of 47 °C (117 °F) was recorded.

Cheap Flights to PE
Cheap Flights to PE

Port Elizabeth

Also, PE, the area’s capital, is the “cordial city”, the “breezy city”, a city of industry and the doorway to the Eastern Cape experience.

For what reason are sure months windier than others?

The wind is driven by contrasts in temperature and pneumatic force over little distances. In March, when winter is changing to spring, cold air masses and warm air masses are oftentimes in closeness in the eastern U.S., which makes a solid breeze.

What is the typical temperature of South Africa?

The mean yearly temperature for South Africa overall is 17.5℃, with normal month to month temperatures going between 22°C (December, January) and 11°C (June, July). Yearly precipitation is 469.9 mm, with the most elevated precipitation happening from November to March, combined with incredibly low precipitation happening between June to August.

How could dry seasons be incited by states of being?

At the point when precipitation is not exactly typical for a time of weeks to years, stream flows decline, water levels in lakes and repositories fall, and the profundity to water in wells increments. On the off chance that dry weather conditions endure and water-supply issues create, the dry time frame can turn into a dry season.

Port Elizabeth Tourist Attractions

Is PE worth stopping at?
It is a major city with a major character, a mysterious underground imaginative culture, probably the coolest bars and restaurants this side of the equator, and extraordinary stories, one of which includes a king and a ewe.

What is PE popular for?

Port Elizabeth, or ‘PE’ as it is known locally, is a Port City and getaway destination on the Eastern Cape Sunshine Coast of South Africa, known for its great seashores, water sports, waterfront, untamed life attractions and not least for its accommodating individuals – henceforth the name ‘The Friendly City.

What could I at any point do these days in PE?

12 Popular Attractions in Port Elizabeth
Addo Elephant National ParkThe Boardwalk.
Kragga Kamma Game Park.
Highway 67.
The Donkin Reserve.
Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds.
Cape Recife Nature Reserve.

Is Port Elizabeth alright for guests?

Port Elizabeth has been authoritatively appraised as Africa’s most secure city and is situated in its most secure suburb. Summerstrand, our region, is a private and vacationer region, and our guests are generally free to cycle or stroll to school.

Is PE rural or Urban?

The city is known for some, blue-banner seashores along the city’s metropolitan shoreline; its fame as a global and nearby getaway destination; and its rich and various social legacy. It is an entryway city for the Eastern Cape’s experience, open-air and an African large five-game safari in the travel industry.

Is PE breezy?

In Port Elizabeth, the summers are short and warm; the winters are long and cool; and it is dry, breezy, and for the most part clear all year. Throughout the year, the temperature regularly changes from 47°F to 80°F and is seldom underneath 40°F or above 86°F.

Which suburb is the most secure in Port Elizabeth?

Top 6 Neighborhoods in Port Elizabeth
Lovemore Heights. Known for being one of the most secure spots to reside, Lovemore Heights is the ideal spot for families to settle down, as this area is home to a local area that thinks often about one another.
Upper Walmer.

For what reason is PE called Nelson Mandela Bay?

It is situated on the shores of Algoa Bay in the Eastern Cape Province and includes the city of Gqeberha, the close by towns of Kariega and Despatch, and the encompassing provincial region. The name “Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality” was decided to respect previous President Nelson Mandela.

Where is the Harbor situated in PE?

Algoa Bay
Today it is a multi-freight port on the western edge of Algoa Bay, 384 n. miles southwest of Durban and 423 n. miles east of Cape Town at Longitude 25º 42′ E, Latitude 34º 01′ S.

What temperature zone is PE?

Blended environment zone
The city of Port Elizabeth is situated in the blended environment zone between the Mediterranean environment and the maritime environment. This implies that the environment of the city has cold but gentle winters and blistering summers, yet not unreasonably moist and warm as it occurs in the northernmost region of the east bank of South Africa.

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What is the profundity of the PE Harbor?

The entry channel to Port Elizabeth is kept up with at a profundity of – 14.5m Chart Datum and has a liberal width of 310m. Restrictions on vessels utilizing the port are 11m draft for the traveller and dry freight vessels, 11.2m for compartment ships, 12.1m for mineral transporters and 9.6m for big hauliers, all as indicated by berthing.

What number of billets does PE Container Terminal gloat?

The port’s compartment terminal has three billets totalling 925m long and a capacity area of 22 hectares with 5400 ground openings for the end goal of stacking. The holder terminal is furnished with the most recent age gantry compartment cranes and ride transporters.

What is the duration of flight to Port Elizabeth?

Flights from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth: 1 hr 35 mins

Flights from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth: 1 hr 19 mins

Flights from Durban to Port Elizabeth: 1 hr 17 mins

Flights from East London to Port Elizabeth: 0 hr 50 mins

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