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Phuket is located off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. It is one of the most popular destinations for South African travelers and cheap flights to Phuket are in high demand. The largest of all the islands in Thailand, Phuket has an interesting history with friendly and vibrant people and with its crystal clear waters and golden beaches. The destination is also blessed with mountains and lush rainforests, it is no wonder that millions of people will be attracted to this paradise island. Besides the natural beauty of Phuket, there are temples, museums, markets, shopping malls, cabarets, festivals among other things.

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When to buy cheap flights to Phuket 

The high season is from November to April with rains still in early November and the northeast wind when the west facing beaches are best as they are sheltered. This is when cheap flights to Phuket will be at their peak. Prices for travel, hotels and shopping increase with visitors, but it is still not overcrowded although the traffic is congested. With better sea conditions, the scuba diving season begins unofficially. 

The best time to Visit

The month of December has many sunny days with short light showers while the rainy season ends with an increase in the number of visitors. The busiest month for tourists is January with low rainfall. Low humidity, clear blue skies and calm seas, including much busier streets and the highest prices for accommodation. 

Warm Period

The warm period is approaching in March, with April being the hottest month with fewer visitors and somewhat lower accommodation prices. Usually the last month for stable sea conditions with deteriorating diving visibility and rainfall. increased towards the end of the month.

Low Season

May to October is the low season with the southwest monsoon season bringing southwest winds and rain. Sometimes these winds make it impossible to swim in too rough seas. The month of May has increased precipitation and is the wettest period but still hot with sunshine. 

When to get better travel rates and cheap flights to Phuket 

A good time to get better hotel discounts in a more relaxed atmosphere with fewer visitors but still plenty of nightlife. June is ideal for cheap flights and accommodation with sunshine, less rain, short-lived thunderstorms and fewer tourists. The bars calm down thanks to a more friendly service. During the rainy season, July and August meet hot days, no overcrowding and good hotel rates in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. September is hot, humid and rainy just like October, but with the lowest accommodation rates and the weather improving towards the end of the month.

Getting from the Airport

Phuket Airport has two taxi operators which can be costly due to competition. Your cheapest option is to share a mini bus, but it will take long to reach the to reach the destination. The best solution if you are not renting a vehicle, is to have a pre-booked private taxi waiting for you on your arrival.

Getting Around and how to find Cheap Flights To Phuket

Taking a metered taxi is cheaper than taking a “tuk-tuk”, but there is a shortage of taxis. Tuk-tuks are small, red three-wheeled vehicles that tackle steep inclines with their two-stroke engines, but are ideal for getting around town quickly. Handy for short trips, but probably not the safest, motorcycle taxis found on street corners with the driver wearing red or green vests. 

Tuk-Tuk Prices

Always start by agreeing on the price of tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis. The local bus service is cheap but not comfortable as it is basically a truck with two benches on the sides and sometimes one in the middle. Although you may not reach your destination in the fastest way you will enjoy the ride with happy locals. Renting a long-tail boat is a perfect way to see or spend time on smaller islands. 

Car Rental

Reputable car rental companies such as “Hertz”, “Budget” and “Avis Car Hire” are available on the island, including roadside roadside assist. Take note that driving in Phuket is not for nervous drivers. Large and small motorcycles can also be rented.

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