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A vlog of us travelling business class from India to USA.
we love to share our experiences with our vlogs and to spread happiness over the world please make sure to see more below.
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Diwali :Part 1:-
Part 2:-
Part 3:-
Holi :
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28 thoughts on “DELHI TO USA BUSINESS CLASS INDIAN VLOGGER STYLE family vlogs | travel vlog

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  4. Great_Western 2020 says:

    LOOK HOW MANY AIRLINES YOUR COUNTRY HAS!! And bangladesh, just mainly middle east airlines and British airways. But yours, you have so many english airlines like British airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines!

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  6. Meet Rathwa says:

    After a year
    Seeing this vlog

    Kya se kya ho gaye dekhte dekhte

    Love u smiley di…..
    Big fan bolte
    Following since one year

    Hope u get 150k soon

  7. frenlypooja says:

    One thing i didn't get is…….why didn't u guys visit the business lounge🙄🙄 … could have tried the food out there

  8. bhaumik patel says:

    It seems that this guy is travelling to the US and via air for very first time…he doesn't even have manners about how to travel in business class…..both are behaving in a "desi" way at the terminal,
    duty free shops and in business glass

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