Delta Air Lines 777 Delta One BUSINESS CLASS

Delta Air Lines 777 Delta One BUSINESS CLASS

Delta Air Lines offers one of the world’s longest flights! It’s Boeing 777 service between Atlanta and Johannesburg. This flight, which can last nearly 16 hours is one of the world’s longest!

Delta One Business Class on a Boeing 777 is a special experience and, in this video, I’ll share all of the highlights while flying to Africa.

Delta Air Lines is known for its incredible meals and talented crews. Watch this video to find out whether the hype is real!

Delta Air Line’s Delta One seats are due for an upgrade, so this video also provides a preview of what the new Delta One Business Class cabin will look like.

By the way, I paid for this Delta Air Lines experience in Delta One so all of my opinions are just that: Mine! But, I’m eager to hear yours so…

Do you think Delta Air Lines has stepped up the game in Business Class travel with their Delta One Business Class cabin? Leave a comment and let me know!


Visiting Every Delta Air Lines SkyClub in Atlanta:

Delta Air Lines’ Inaugural A350 Flight:

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39 thoughts on “Delta Air Lines 777 Delta One BUSINESS CLASS

  1. William Kraft says:

    Another sad thing about this coronavirus. Delta spent big $$$ upgrading all of the 777's just to retire them. 🙁

  2. Franklyn Brice says:

    In your professional opinion for someone who has experienced first and or business class, what airline and class would you suggest as a 4 to 5 flight ?

  3. John Swanson says:

    My delay was IcelandAir (Who I think you need to check out, the service was incredible) Berlin to Reykjavik. Lufthansa had the same gate and their boarding was delayed so IcelandAir's (Full) plane was stuck on the ramp for almost an hour. Then everyone had to deplane.

  4. Henry Demyan says:

    I fly UM a lot and when there is a delay or i dont make the flight (standby passenger) i get to have more time with my dad

  5. Knox Travel says:

    I enjoyed my delay at ASE, it was snowing, I got to see a bunch of private aircraft, and United took great care of us. They offered snacks and water!

  6. Louis Jenrick says:

    an extra week visiting family in Bahamas and missing a week of school because of a snowstorm on the east coast of America

  7. Anthony Ronacher says:

    I was once delayed about 5 hours in the terminal on a very short flight between buffalo, NY and JFK. It was right after a college orientation, and I met a lot of people from my school that I connected closely with as we were all delayed together. Good times!

  8. Jack Common says:

    I enjoyed my Qantas Business Class delay, because it meant more time in the lounge, and I think its safe to say most people would enjoy more lounge time.

  9. Brian Eldridge says:

    We enjoy your great video productions, Jeb! Thank you! We also like watching takeoff in real-time rather than fast forward… it's a thrill to experience in real-time. Thanks!

  10. SpaceManJoe says:

    I was stuck on the ground for 3 hours on an Iceland air 757 and managed to watch most of Interstellar; now my favorite movie. Aaaaaand the flight wound up being cancelled lmao

  11. Charlie Austin says:

    I have taken flight 200 six times to Johannesburg. Very much looking forward to flying the refurbished 777 this June on that trip. As noted in this video the seats were tired and the entertainment screens were small prior to the refurbishment. The new set up should be excellent. I have always experienced very good service on flight 200 and 201 from The Delta cabin crews. Food has been good and plentiful.

  12. kevin williams says:

    Wow, what a wonderful exciting convenience, too be able to fly non-stop between Johannesburg, South Africa and the United States. I will be ready to go in the by September of 2026. While being able to experience what life is like on the other side of the world. Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day.

  13. John Oke says:

    Looks like Air Canada’s old businesses class which is only found on some A330’s and 767’s which the 767’s are in the process of being retired and the one on the A330’s are being fazed out for a newer style seat like the ones found on the 777 and 787

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