Dubreuil – A Remote Village of Mauritius

Dubreuil – A Remote Village of Mauritius
Dubreuil – A Remote Village of Mauritius
Dubreuil – A Remote Village of Mauritius

Dubreuil – A Remote Village of Mauritius

It is a small village situated about 20 minutes by car from the nearest town almost in the center of Mauritius. With a population of 2, 733 inhabitants, it is embedded in an utterly rustic environment. In fact, the locality is surrounded by forests and green vegetation.

On reaching the destination the visitor’s eyes are focussed on the old-fashioned houses and their antique architecture. Most of the buildings seem abandoned and require a thorough renovation. As it is a humid region, the walls are covered with green moss outside. The streets are almost deserted since only a few residents possess a vehicle. Even the bus services are available at half-hourly interval

The main area is concentrated with a few shops and vegetable sellers. As many things are not available in the locality the residents have to move to the town for shopping and entertainment purposes. As far as transport facilities are concerned, other than the services offered by the bus company there are local cabs which travel from village to town and vice-versa.

Like many other villages, this one also has been provided with a community center which can be considered as the meeting point for villages. It is here that they assemble to discuss their daily problems and how to tackle them. Indoor games like carrom, domino, monopoly, and other games are proposed to youngsters. Sports like football and volleyball are also practiced by the residents and tournaments are organized regularly. Outdoor activities also exist whereby people gather to celebrate festivities and other important functions.

As far as health facilities are concerned the Ministry of Health has set up a dispensary where free healthcare services are provided to the inhabitants. Most of the time people attend the center for minor ailments such as injuries, pains, malnutrition, and skin problems. Ante-natal services, vaccination, and family planning programs are also carried out. However, the main disease which the villagers suffer from his alcoholism. This is a serious scourge in the village.

The locality is also provided with a primary school to promote education for the benefit of the dwellers. However, due to poverty, many parents cannot afford to send their children to school although education is free. The performance of the students is poor as most of them do not receive the required family support in their home environment. The majority of workers are employed in the agricultural sector in sugar cane fields and tea plantation. Up to now, the village has produced very few intellectuals. With industrialization, a great proportion of the female workforce has sought employment in the textile and manufacturing sectors.

A few years back a police station has been opened in the village for the security of the inhabitants. Previously all cases were dealt with by another nearby police station. With the increasing number of police cases, the new station plays a preponderant role in the maintenance of law and order in the locality. Very often cases of disputes, brawls, thefts, and conflicts among villagers especially under the influence of alcohol are reported to the police.

As mentioned above, one of the major problems affecting the village is alcoholism. This situation dates back a long period of time. Previously, there was inadequate entertainment for the residents. The only way to entertain themselves was to have drinks with friends and colleagues. After returning back home from work, the majority of workers gathered in shops to chat and booze. Even nowadays, youngsters have fallen prey to this scourge. Really there is insufficient entertainment for the n generation. The liquor shops bustle with clients and operate till very late. Indeed it is a very lucrative business in that corner of the country. As a matter of fact, this conjecture creates a multitude of social and family problems resulting in domestic violence, divorce, and negligence of children, especially towards education. Awareness programs are being implemented by social workers to inform the victims about the dire impacts on health and social life

One of the striking features of the village is the presence of several kilometers of forests and greenery. In fact, from start to finish, the visitor’s eyes are attracted by the green vegetation. Here life goes on smoothly and peacefully since the residents are far from the mad crowd and the noise pollution of big agglomerations and cities.. Indeed it is an ideal place to practice sports like jogging where the individual has the opportunity to breathe fresh air and enjoy sound health. The presence of rivers and dams enhances the beauty of the green belt. The rivers are rich in several varieties of fish, shrimp, and crayfish. Many villagers gain their livelihood by engaging in fishing.

After touring in the village, the onlooker gets a glimpse of a typical Mauritian rural region. The mentality, culture, behavior, and way of living of the villagers are completely different from those of urban areas. So, whenever you get the opportunity to come to Mauritius do not forget to visit this specific locality.

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