Emirates A380 First Class Dubai to Amsterdam (+ lounge): a trip report

Emirates A380 First Class Dubai to Amsterdam (+ lounge): a trip report

Read my review of this flight here: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2016/05/25/trip-report-emirates-a380-first-class/

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Production music by www.epidemicsound.com



49 thoughts on “Emirates A380 First Class Dubai to Amsterdam (+ lounge): a trip report

  1. George Kuenzli says:

    Why fly First Class if you do not drink any Champagne or Wine? Personally, I would want to have some alcoholic beverages even if I would fly in Business Class only.

  2. James Dabbagian says:

    For anyone wondering, the music that plays at about 26:00 onwards is
    "Legendary Walk" by Bonnie Grace. Epidemic Sound can license it but it's also on YouTube.

  3. BandfromtheBand says:

    Flying 1st has it's many perks! However, Business Class isn't shabby, either! The food is so delicious! The drinks are delectable. The service is incredible! You are guaranteed a delicious meal any time you wish! Just lay back and enjoy your very long flight! Enjoy some peaceful sleep to your destination! The flight attendants are at your beck and call and they are awesome people! This is the very best way to travel, besides psilocybin mushrooms, that is!

  4. Zany Creed says:

    Thank you for sharing these experiences with us! I appreciate the camerawork and music, and I always come back to your videos to relax <3

  5. sandeep mehta says:

    been on A380 Business many a times but first class just spoils you. Had been once complimentary upgraded to First Class and my goodness EK spoils you . Nice video.

  6. Junior garcia says:

    One day I’ll experience something like this. Just started getting into the credit card game.

    Does anyone know how much of everything is complimentary? Like is the food complimentary as well? If so, then maybe the crazy prices might actually be reasonable? Lol.

  7. Ditas Alcantara says:

    Do u able to consume all the drinks and food at ur private cabin? Or take all those kits with? Going to those bar is free for first class passenger or u have to pay what u will order? Stay safe will all ur travels.

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