Emirates Boeing 777-300ER business class Dubai to Brussels

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER business class Dubai to Brussels

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31 thoughts on “Emirates Boeing 777-300ER business class Dubai to Brussels

  1. jessicamusician says:

    Seeing the quality of your food and wine list is compared to my recent flight on the same plane model makes me sad as Emirates has dropped their standards hugely.

  2. Daffa Ellong says:

    You've been rob or scammed if you book on 2 2 2 seat confi on long haul business class cabin . … it suppose to be 1 2 1

  3. gregmcd101 says:

    2-3-2 and angled bed. Etihad 1-2-1 and fully flat. I tried to sleep in this bed once last year – no good. Going etihad next month, hoping for better

  4. Retro Disco says:

    This is surely closer to Premium economy with leg room than business, No flat beds and a 3 seat center? I would not pay Business class money for this

  5. Graggle5 says:

    12:23 the way it goes from coach to business class, haha, epic, it really is that epic and so true, haha. A good video comparison catch there folks.

  6. Kalyan Nakata says:

    I love flying Emirates Business Class. I am always flying alone and for more than 20 times, I have never been assigned a middle seat. Emirates know how to allocate their passengers and the onboard service is impeccable.

  7. Maia says:

    I wanted to book business class full fare price, but because of 2-3-2 layout I didn't think it is worth it… I didnt even want to pay upgrade because I feel this seat configuration gives no privacy, and only a bit more comfort than economy, so what's the point…

  8. The Renaissance Redneck says:

    My friend, I hate to tell you, but Barryware has highjacked this one too. Can you not report him to youtube?

  9. Webeo Transportation says:

    I think EK 2-3-2 business class in 777 is the only weak link in what is otherwise one of the best Airlines in the world.

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