Emirates Boeing 777 new Business Class Brussels to Dubai

Emirates Boeing 777 new Business Class Brussels to Dubai

Read my review of this flight here: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2018/11/28/review-emirates-b777-business-class/

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46 thoughts on “Emirates Boeing 777 new Business Class Brussels to Dubai

  1. Virendra Pratap Singh says:

    How can Emirates justify 2-3-2 layout in a business class? Many good airlines have 2-4-2 in their economy class which will come at a fraction of cost.

  2. Bertil Robert Nilsson says:

    How can you call 2 + 3 + 2 for business class. It is hardly a premium economy. Completely reprehensible. If I pay for business class, I want business class .. Beware of being cheated by such a frivolous airline.

  3. pomrob pomrob says:

    Whilst I think Emirates missed a trick keeping the out-dated 2-3-2 layout, the new seats do seem a lot nicer than the older 777s that I always end up on when going from Dubai to Manila or Cebu.

  4. Black laif says:

    Y'all stop hating on Emirates the middle seats actually have more space than you think. The middle is designed for families etc.

  5. Breathing H00man says:

    6:25 it looks comfortable enough for the 6-hour long flight

    in my opinion, that's extremely comfortable for that flight especially that the economy seats in emirates are better than some business class seats than in some other airlines

  6. Rod Blievers says:

    What are they thinking? 2+3+2 configuration plus an uncooled (i.e. totally useless) drink container? They’ve lost me!

  7. Austriansamurai says:

    The configuration is to forget about.
    Also no dine on demand.
    I switched to Qatar and Oman Air!
    Both are amazing!!
    Emirates was great in the past, but now they are getting worse!

  8. RichardGaming 1030 says:

    I think it is a 3.5mm Headphone Jack headphone , it works with most computers and Mac .
    Also , flying through Iran ? Yuck , I will get bombed up !

  9. Slatkis Medenjak says:

    This is NOT BUSINESS CLASS,I would complain about THIS STICKY CROWED CABIN.SHAME ON YOU EMIRATES.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚

  10. KenePlayz says:

    2-3-2 is so annoying, but because I fly with my family always it does not really affect me so much but still for a business class that’s bad

  11. Soap Scenes says:

    2-3-2 is outdated especially in 2019 for the price of the ticket. No direct aisle access for window seat users and middle aisle row also isn't great; 1-2-1 has really become the standard, or at least 2-2-2, Emirates needs to update their whole fleet to stay ahead. If I'm travelling business with someone else, I always ask for the window seat, to make sure I don't end up in the dreaded 3 sections. People may say it's complaining but the ticket price is double economy; not to mention for long haul flights it means if you have to get up in the middle of the night and you are sat next to someone you don't know; there's a chance you might wake them up if you don't have direct aisle access.

  12. Ivan B says:

    2-3-2 in business is just wrong. And to be honest…. I just don't get it why is Emirates always in Top 10 with their business class product. Their A380 business is great , 1-2-1. But that's it. B777s business…. pathetic. I know…… all those surveys are about the whole experience flying with them…. check in, food, crew friendliness, IFE… etc. Still….. just no. There are airlines with wide body planes and all 1-2-1 in business. So….. for everybody booking business class and expecting 1-2-1…. check first. I'm solo traveller, that's why. Couples…. 2-2-2 is still ok. Just check SEATGURU app or web. Still… Airlines can change the aircraft.

  13. Peybolsnap. Libra. says:

    Lamentablemente en la carta de vinos falta sin lugar a dudas vino de España,,,(Rioja,Ribera de Duero,Jumilla,Rias Baixas,,etc),un vuelo tan placido y excelente que no tengan los mejores vinos del mundo..Spain.

  14. Binxin Zheng says:

    Emirates has a very interesting business strategy. When almost every airlines plan to cut first class or minimize the amount of their first class product, Emirates decides to build more and high quality first class. When everyone is refurbishing their planes with more privacy and spacious business class seat, Emirates moves to a 2-3-2 config business class. Really doubt its future profitability.

  15. Ph D says:

    This configuration is not customer oriented at all . How can we bear being in the middle seat of 3 …a Shame ! This seat should be discounted

  16. TheTraffic247 says:

    Do not like the seating arrangement at all. Looks like a headache to move around. Meh. I'll stick to fc. Definitely a downgrade in terms of seating.

  17. Sakthi Mohan says:

    2-3-2 is the worst configuration for business class. Look at Oman air, they have a perfect 2-2-2 config on the 787 with all aisle access, why cant Emirates do the same, and install privacy doors ? Its obvious Emirates just wanna milk money

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