EMIRATES vs ETIHAD vs QATAR Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?! | Economy Week

EMIRATES vs ETIHAD vs QATAR Economy Class Which Airline

Full comparative review of Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways Economy Class – which airline has the best seat, food, service and hub?

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EMIRATES ECONOMY REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTdr0lkLhTAAMPlpVFOYQ4jYIObYKjDPE
QATAR AIRWAYS ECONOMY REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTdr0lkLhTAAMPlpVFOYQ4jYIObYKjDPE
ETIHAD ECONOMY REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTdr0lkLhTAAMPlpVFOYQ4jYIObYKjDPE



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The rules:
Flights need to be on aircraft that dominate the fleet of each airline and are used on long-haul routes.
– At least two flights on each of the ME3.
– Spend at least two hours at each airlines’ hub airport.
– No lounge access or premium benefits allowed so I can accurately test the experience of “your average traveler.”
The route:

Zurich to Dubai – Emirates A380
Dubai to Delhi – Emirates 777-300ER
Mumbai to Doha – Qatar 777-300ER
Doha to Beirut – Qatar 777-300ER (changed from A330 last minute)
Beirut to Abu Dhabi – Etihad 787-9
Abu Dhabi to Muscat – Etihad A320

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28 thoughts on “EMIRATES vs ETIHAD vs QATAR Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?! | Economy Week

  1. Zulfiqar Ali says:

    Agreed. I travelled with Qatar Airways from Islamabad to Indonesia and back, though in Business Class but service had been so Magnificent and Personal that I started feeling embarrassed whether I was that Important to them.

  2. Ryle The Game Explorer says:

    You could have done this
    Manila-Abu Dhabi (Etihad 777-300 ER)
    Dubai-Manila (Emirates 777-300ER)
    Manila-Doha (Qatar 777-300ER)
    Doha-London A380
    London-Dubai A380
    Abu Dhabi-London A380

  3. Crazy for planes says:

    I think we can all agree on the fact that Etihad has degraded a lot in the past few years. Maybe cause of their financial problems they're facing nowadays…

  4. Jacob Varughese says:

    I like Emirates but we have no good aircraft flying from Miami,Qatar offers best aircraft with A350,with good connections to Kochi.Keep it up Qatar.

  5. Noah Bowie says:

    I love Dubai Airport for the people. Whenever I fly through Dubai I love seeing crowds of people flying to destinations that I probably wouldn't visit. Dubai Airport is incredible for the people. The airport facilities are not the best but the people who use Dubai Airport make it an experience for me and an experience I genuinely love.

  6. Boripat Wannasri says:

    From Thailand 🇹🇭 I don't like Qatar Airways Etihad and Emirates seat configuration 3-4-3 in B777-300ER. B777-300ER should configure 3-3-3 like Thai Airways, EVA and etc.

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