ENTIRE Japan Airlines First Class Experience + FOOD/SNACKS/Plane Spotting

ENTIRE Japan Airlines First Class Experience + FOOD/SNACKS/Plane Spotting

From plane spotting to lounges to a la carte meals, my goal for this video is to have a little bit of everything for everyone, especially covering all the FOOD on the ground and in the air. The first 10 minutes will be plane spotting and the first class experience starts after.



36 thoughts on “ENTIRE Japan Airlines First Class Experience + FOOD/SNACKS/Plane Spotting

  1. Ditas Alcantara says:

    Japan has a lot of good stuff which my friends would always bring me esp their KitKat chocolates!!!! Cup noodles too. Even though I haven't been outside of the country.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” Greetings from Manila Philippines

  2. Tony Towers says:

    What a fabulous video! Entertaining, informative, useful in all its mixture. One of the best I have ever seen. It is a video I will watch again time after time. Congrats on a wonderful job.

  3. ε‚…ηŽ‹ηˆ· says:

    They’ve been use the wafers quite long, food varies on month, airport, and routes. Not every time same, and they do not use old menu for next year.

  4. ε‚…ηŽ‹ηˆ· says:

    You have to mention the route. Every airport is different and every route has different food and even amenity kits.

  5. keith sprague says:

    the lounges looked very mediocre. the meals seemed kind of disappointing as well (considering the cost of first class tickets) The presentation was nice,but not very good portions. seemed a bit skimpy in general

  6. OneHairyGuy says:

    This must have been the first time that you have traveled on first class. Show us the experience of first class. Not the airport or the airline. What we want to see is how great first class is. C’Mon dude, get it together. Japanese Airlines, where are the cute girls ??? Even if you have to lie about it, show us cute Japanese girls !!!!

  7. Siobhean Siobhean says:

    Many years ago when I worked for JAL they installed gold plated taps in the F class toilet. Word was that they sent the aircraft to JFK first to see it the taps would get stolen. If they could keep them there, they could keep them anywhere !!!

  8. aabb1234steven says:

    I would imagine if you can travel first class you must be very rich … but why do u make all these trivial complaints?

  9. Jacky Yang says:

    The Pier offer far more??? Not any more since they changed the caterer to a canteen catering company. I now goes to whichever lounge closest to the gate cause they all serve the same stuff, and sometimes the Deck's offer is even better than the Pier First.

  10. Gary Strankman says:

    I think The JAL crane is the most beautiful tail logo (for lack of a better word) of all the airlines, just wish the planes had more red on them and the font "Japans Airlines" on the fuselage was more elegant.

  11. Paul Kacirek says:

    The two QF330 flights serve mel and bne. Syd has a 747 night flight landing at hnd. JL has a day flight from syd to nrt

  12. manu bird says:

    Bummers that you didn't have a window seat, but never mind. Good video. I especially like your insightful and informative comments. Well done.

  13. Melissa Ann says:

    I really love the format of this video!! I love planespotting and great commentary! Thanks for another great video πŸ™‚

  14. Mas Almas says:

    I think JAL and ANA should make New First class for Commercial flight,because the First class is toooo old. The first class on JAL can look at their JAL Sky Suite III.
    Thats just my Opinion.

  15. Ken Dalson says:

    Your travel channel is quite beautiful. My pop flew JAL first class in the 70`s. The amenity kit was more basic, but the free gifts they got were pearl and gold jewelry, beautiful silk scarves, and a nice bottle of Shiseido Parfum Zen. Gifts for the wifey, girlfriend or misstress. Everything changes with time. As well as the "Boeing Moo" I also love the "Boeing Rattle" on landing and TO.

  16. subi924 says:

    Great timing.. I'm flying JAL F next week from NRT. Definitely picked up a few things to note for myself πŸ™‚ Nice vid!

  17. RD 67 Elevators says:

    2nd comment! Love the subscription! Already missed Malaysian A350 Trip Report, along with Garuda's B737 MAX from HKG to Jakarta CGK.

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