Etihad First Class on the B777-300ER : Abu Dhabi to Melbourne EY460

Etihad First Class on the B777 300ER Abu Dhabi to

Take a ride with me on this Etihad Boeing 777-300ER A6-ETM in suite 1A… First Class. See the airport, lounge, boarding, explore the seat, watch the taxi, takeoff, both meal services, descent,and landing from the exterior camera. You will get a good idea of the First Class experience offered by Etihad

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23 thoughts on “Etihad First Class on the B777-300ER : Abu Dhabi to Melbourne EY460

  1. greathey1234 says:

    A380 looks way better. I wonder if Dreamliner is comparable to 777. I will travel to Washington soon (in sha Allah) on Etihad first and may post a video if it is worth it.

  2. Jordan Nelson says:

    very smooth landing 
    I love Etihad airways i always fly with them they are so nice and friendly and the food is amazing  

  3. melodicspeed says:

    First Class offer a lot of food, extra food, Food at the waiting launch at the airport, food snack when the flight starts, food meal, food supper, food food. 

  4. Davide Campanello says:

    Another nice video Aussie.  How do you not gain 10 pounds on each of your flights with all that good food and drink?   Or, … maybe you do 🙂
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Davide Campanello says:

    Nice video.  Thanks for sharing.  Looks like you received great treatment and service from Etihad Airlines.
    Best regards.

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