European Budget Airlines – An Overview of Low Cost European Airlines

European Budget Airlines - An Overview of Low Cost European Airlines

European budget airlines are a great way to travel around Europe on a budget. There are a number of low cost European airlines around the continent. Some cheap European airlines seem to have a lot of options across the EU while others seem to have more “cheap European flights” that focus on a main hub with flights into one country. If you’re planning a budget Europe trip these cheap flights are completely worthwhile considering, but be careful and make sure to check the luggage limits! Budget travel usually means that you can only bring a very small bag with you but yes you can usually pay more.

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21 thoughts on “European Budget Airlines – An Overview of Low Cost European Airlines

  1. Joe Manginelli says:

    Hey Rafi. As the country goes nuts over the Super Bowl, and we all know you have been away from the U.S. for nearly 11 years, I was wondering, what are some of the things you miss about living here? Are big events like fireworks on the fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or the Super Bowl and the World Series, something you miss? I think I remember you saying something about missing American hamburgers, but what about the things that we do collectively as a country, like watching a sporting event, or even voting? Does any of that make you long for your time here? Just curious. Thanks Rafi. -Joe

  2. citehman says:

    I'm American and I loved EasyJet. I flew 3 separate one way flights… London to Rome, Naples to Venice and then Venice to London. All were great fares. I had only one carry on bag as it was late September early October and I was traveling alone.

    Why are people obsessed with eating on airplanes. We go 3-4 hours without eating multiples times a day everyday of our life but can't sit on a plane without eating. Quit seeing it as a lack of service and instead think about eating a traditional meal in your arrival destination and still having extra money leftover.

    I also found that EasyJet seemed way more efficient and timely than quote unquote regular airlines. Whether motivated by costs or just not jaded as regular airlines, it was a noticeable difference.

  3. carol lichwala says:

    My first time flying Easyjet will be in March round trip London / Naples. My only experience with a budget airline was with Spirit. It was a nightmare! One trip with them and never again. Hope easyjet is not anything like spirit.

  4. Travel To WellBeing TV says:

    I use Norwegian mainly for transatlantic flights between Orlando and London or Paris. Then I like to use those European budget airlines to go to other cities inside the continent.

  5. Eoin Armstrong says:

    I'm pretty sure that if you have mobility issues, you would be cared for correctly and able to board the plane 🙂

  6. Michael El Güerito says:

    Great video Rafi! I use Skyscanner for my cheap flights. Though 80% of the time works while sometimes It gives you high prices. WOW airlines and as well as Norwegian offer good prices, I once booked a 300 dollar flight from LA to Norway.

  7. labuff83 says:

    I have flown on Ryanair and EasyJet. Both have been easy runs. The upgrades with baggage is good too. The trips are not really long so I can't complain with my service. Flying Calabria (Italy) to London was easy and using on board baggage was nothing.

  8. Carnage & Chaos aka Sabra Black says:

    Hahaha Rafael! 😂. You're so silly 😂!!!! Leaving Italy….🇮🇹🇮🇹😁 I'm a mcshorty lol I'm 5'4"…

  9. john mello says:

    Travelling within europe the flights are so short it really doesnt matter how fancy the flight is I fly within countries in the EU all the time bring a sandwich and a bottle of water and roll there are also a few secrets I know that can get you your extra baggage for free and up to a third off if you know the right rap and catch words.. the benefits of touring Europe as a musician for 40 years…..but you would be shocked what you can get if you just ASK little things like it is LAW they have to give you free bottles of water if you say "I have medicine I need to take" lol and as with ANY air travel since 2016 if you go a week or more ahead of time DIRECTLY to the airport buy your ticket FROM the airline for the trip a week from now or whatever, you will save up to HALF … we re too hooked on the Internet and are getting ripped off because of it and as we experienced veteran European travellers know RYAN sucks for the most part

  10. Trevor Miele says:

    This has nothing to do with the video… I hope that is ok.

    I just had my JS/ Citizenship meeting in NYC yesterday. They accepted all my documents and I was told I would get an email in less than two years. While I assume my folder will get passed from desk to desk over the next two years… do you or does anyone know what exactly happens from the meeting at the consulate to when I get the email? What is done and who does it?

  11. Haupia Nacorda says:

    The only airline I ever used within Europe was British Airways and that was a connecting flight from London to Milan. So you're in Madrid? I always watch James Blick's Spain Revealed. He's a Kiwi who married a Spanish and they live in Madrid. Most of their YouTube videos are about the food there and what places to go to so please if you try tapas somewhere take pictures of what you had and post them on Instagram. Happy travels!

  12. Gigi Summer says:

    Ryan Air? Never again. I had the most appalling experience when I tried to fly from London to Brindisi last August. Luckily for me about 6 months later I received compensation.

  13. Michele Leahy says:

    If my memory serves me correctly, Ryan Air could not use my American credit card to buy a beer or water. Thank God I had a few € on me. I needed it after being stuck at security and running to my flight back to Copenhagen from London and we got there early but security was so overwhelmed.

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