Eurostar Paris to London via underwater tunnel, First Class train trip 4K

Eurostar Paris to London via underwater tunnel, First Class train trip 4K

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This was my entire train journey from Paris to London, actual duration is 2 hours and half.
– Saint Pancras train station:



30 thoughts on “Eurostar Paris to London via underwater tunnel, First Class train trip 4K

  1. JMLx says:

    I’ve been traveling to Paris every year for my birthday and have been doing that for the past 5 years in April. I love taking Eurostar in standard premier seats from London. My trip entails flying from NYC to London, drop my bags off at one of my relatives and then take the train to Paris, stay for 4/5 days then return to London. The standard premier section which seems like that’s where you were sitting is pretty decent. For me, it’s not worth paying the higher price of Business Premier, because the continental breakfast works for such a short trip. In business premier they serve a full breakfast. For lunch, standard premier serves a full meal. Going through the British channel tunnel is not long, but I’ve never timed it. I’m always busy talking or if I’m in business (which is rare) I’m drinking champagne and not paying attention. I’ll be back in Paris in a few weeks and I’ll calculate the under tunnel time. I love taking Eurostar from London. This video puts me in a nostalgic mood.

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  3. Kevin Facey says:

    I am like so many who have commented, that I am enjoying watching this video. I miss traveling, and I am so looking forward to traveling when this pandemic is over.

  4. Faithless Hound says:

    The original Silent Traveller was a poet (Chiang Yee) who wrote wonderful books between 1936 and 1972 about his travels. They were illustrated by watercolour paintings in a Chinese style.

  5. trancedaddy1 says:

    I really love your videos. Great scenery, good vibes and above all the chance to tour Europe from the comfort of my seat. Please tell me what camera you use in this video. TIA.

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