EXCLUSIVE: Inside World’s Most LUXURIOUS Private Jet

EXCLUSIVE: Inside World’s Most LUXURIOUS Private Jet

Seeing is believing!

I was invited to view this privately owned Airbus Corporate Jet A340-500 from the owners of Citadel Completions during the recent MEBAA business jet airshow in Dubai.

The interior is so amazing! It is the MOST opulent and luxurious ones I’ve seen. It cost more than $100 million for the interiors alone! Hope you enjoy the tour with me!



30 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Inside World’s Most LUXURIOUS Private Jet

  1. Sam Chui says:

    This is not my best production as I want to show much more than this. But it was EXTREMELY difficult to convince the owner to allow his private plane for filming and I only have maximum of 10 minutes to present inside. Hope you appreciate the coverage.

  2. Ori Sarid says:

    I have been to LAX so many times, I have flown to 21 countries. USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Israel, Germany, UK, Hungary, Slovakia, Norway, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, France, Iceland, New Zealand, and Austria. All those trips started at LAX. That airport is connected to me. The first plane I ever flew was an ELAL Israel airlines, on a 777-200ER when I was 4 weeks old. It’s true. The only 747s I flew were and British airways and I got to sit in the cockpit. I’ve sat in the cockpit of so many planes you can’t even imagine. I really like your channel and I love airplanes with all my heart thanks for making this video about LAX! 😀 I flew the BA jumbo from Cape town, South Africa to London, Heathrow! 🛫✈️🛬

  3. Ginoja Dias says:

    I really love this video, cause I enjoyed a lot. Mr.Sam you drive me crazy.. Thank you very much. And I hope to travel by a luxurious jet one day.. I wanna say thank you again Mr.Sam.

  4. Danny Clarke Macomber says:

    I really dont like.your arrogance. Maybe wealthy but make your living on hand outs from the airlines and your youtubers. Without that remember youd have a 9-5 job dude. Quit your graces.

  5. Mother Earth says:

    He asks How's that? I say WHY SUCH UGLY COLORS ??? For THAT much money, a person would think they have better taste of Colors.. ewwwwww

  6. Dewey Laufer says:

    Whoa..!!…did I hear you right, Sam?….the interior decoration costed 100 million dollars ??…If so, that's a little much for what's there isn't it ???…Holy crap.!!…

  7. Tega Belicke says:

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  8. Tega Belicke says:

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  9. Nguyen Ky Nam says:

    FLYVIP AIR is a member of Vietstar Airlines, offering private jet charter for business, event, leisure … from/ to Vietnam. @t

  10. Judgment Proof says:

    If I were building a plane with a bedroom, I personally would want a much bigger loft bed that sat up high, I was fully enclosed with more headspace than the one in this video

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