Farewell QANTAS B747-400 Business Class Sydney to Johannesburg

Farewell QANTAS B747-400 Business Class Sydney to Johannesburg

After my non-stop UK to Australia flight with Qantas, I flew Qantas B747-400 (QF63) from Sydney to Johannesburg in Business Class (Old First Class). I also visited the amazing Qantas First Class Lounge in Sydney.

On the flight I’ve met South Africa Rugby team (Springboks) and saw some amazing iceburg during flight over the Antarctic Rim at 63 degrees South! Qantas flight to Johannesburg is one of the most isolated flight in the world.

In this video:

0:20 – Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney
2:36 – Qantas B747-400 Sydney to Johannesburg
11:25 – Crossing 63 degrees south with some iceburg in-sight
16:12 – Great Qantas B747-400 landing .



43 thoughts on “Farewell QANTAS B747-400 Business Class Sydney to Johannesburg

  1. Maluma Maluma says:

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  2. Willem Kotze says:

    Little did Sam Chui know at that time that he shared a flight with the future rugby World Champions. Thanks Sam Chui for a great video, thanks Qantas for bringing them home safely…

  3. RainScratch says:

    Unfortunately all Qantas B747s have been retired now (July 2020) quite a few months earlier than planned. Also all Qantas A380s have been removed from service for desert storage in the US at 'least for 2-3 years' according to CEO James Strong. Perhaps never to return, as airline travel will never be the same now it has been decimated.

  4. Sango Kunene says:

    You are so lucky Sam you got to sit with the South African rugby team and in bed business class oh and I’m from South Africa

  5. Alex Mendes says:

    I didn't understand that sam, did you said that this is the only but only only 747 in the Qantas fleet or the only 747 in Qantas fleet with THAT configuration.

  6. Chris Webb says:

    Can't quite make out my house at 5:19 but at the top centre of the pic there is a small green square patch which is the football field opposite my house. Awesome lol


    Great video as usual. But you people speak such awful English ,despite being educated in an English speaking country. "You have FLEW "!!!!!!!

  8. 100,000 subscribers with no Vids says:

    I love how whenever he interviews someone they don’t know how to react to the camera so they kinda just stare into the lens

  9. Peter Hoebarth says:

    I have a globe. If you fly this route, the southers degree is 35 with the airfraft. The Ice from Antartica beginns at degree 65. I tjink your are a fucking people (Nasa) with a fucking video. That proof, Earth is flat.

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