Finnair A350 XWB business class Brussels to Helsinki (CEO onboard!)

Finnair A350 XWB business class Brussels to Helsinki (CEO onboard!)

Read my trip report here: (cabin, seat, food, WiFi, entertainment, amenities).

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48 thoughts on “Finnair A350 XWB business class Brussels to Helsinki (CEO onboard!)

  1. Anni Väli says:

    I flinch every time someone coughs in the flight videos. I always have a hard time with that. Because many people don't bother to cover their mouths. But I also know it's probably a mental issue of mine and I should just try to calm down. 🤣

  2. Beau H says:

    I have been watching a few of your video's. I have also flown many times in the past. I noticed that when the plane was pulling up to the terminal. It was being spayed with water. In all of my flying I have not ever seen that. What was the purpose?

  3. Terje Müller Karlsen says:

    Great video! Absolutely loved that rear view at landing. Can anybody enlighten me on why airplanes seem to com in at a slight angle and the straighten up right before touchdown?

  4. Yash Patel says:

    This aircraft inside view Feil us that we are actually in flight. That's awesome , inside colour that is also awesome thanks for making this video

  5. Sir Bernard Mendes France says:

    I didn't realise the videographer was in fact the [CEO] for Finnair … my oh my. How cool. Yet, I understand he often gets queasy during these jaunts while's An uneasiness which relief comes to him, only dissipated when he does this reporting actively. Apparently, in later years there's been an uptick of concerns expressed. Probably due to the recent spate of terrorism in the EUROPEAN Union [2017] underlying the cause. Or, perhaps. General anxiety.

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