FIRST CLASS FLIGHT with Virgin Atlantic! I got an UPGRADE! LHR to LAX | Evan Edinger Travel

FIRST CLASS FLIGHT with Virgin Atlantic I got an UPGRADE

I got bumped up from Economy to First class (upper class) on Virgin Atlantic for my flight to LA! IT WAS SO COOL! Also the first class lounge clubhouse was honestly the coolest lounge I’ve ever been in. I think you can just pay to enter it when waiting to fly virgin so I might honestly do that more often.
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30 thoughts on “FIRST CLASS FLIGHT with Virgin Atlantic! I got an UPGRADE! LHR to LAX | Evan Edinger Travel

  1. Domain Man says:

    So everyone joins up to rewards program, all hassle the ground staff (and we know the staff are so peeved off with this, the first words will be "Sorry, no upgrade for you") all travel alone, all make enquiries for bulk head seats, all dress like their some player), all wear Rolexes etc, and think this actually works. Yeah, I'm sure the odd person gets the upgrade, but not everyone, and everyone so tries this – all day long.

    Look this is how it works – the airline have biz/first class for a reason eg: to make themselves stinking rich, that's why the seats are £5 – 8k each. Why would they just give this away just to say in a PR release that their flights are always full and as such their alrline is the best etc – they could just do this with Economy class seats and noone will be the wiser, so again, giving away business seats to a bunch of wannabees is pointless, when they save these for real business class passengers with a true buying history of 20 – 30 flights per year.

    No point in joining a rewards membership, and not using it and that means buying actual flights. What, does everyone think that bookings can't be checked? Staff are looking for real players eg: that actually book and pay for flights, as nothing confirms loyalty more than spending power. Look, it's possible to get upgrades, but you need to be a real paying customer, and probably book several flights a year to get it.

    Can it be done by booking zero flights before – I seriously doubt it. Can it be done when you've actually paid for a single flight before – mmmm, I suppose there a very slim chance of the above tactics eg: nice suit, bags, watch etc, but the more flights booked, you will move up the tiers in the rewards program, maybe not full free upgrades, but a discount for sure.

    But the key to this is you must spend money and book flights.

  2. rob dawson says:

    I got bumped from Dammam to Bahrain. I live in Khobar so actually live closer to the destination than the departure airport. Anyway I got driven to Dammam by my company. Got upgraded for the 18minute flight. I got a bigger seat and got served water in a glass.

  3. z o e says:

    my mum works in the virgin clubhouse in heathrow and i think i saw the back of her head in ur video lmao🤣 she may of even served you

  4. GalaxyMaster says:

    U should see the business class from Seattle to Beijing on Hainan. And the business class lounge there too. F. A. B. U. L. O. U. S

  5. LoUiSkNoWlEs ! says:

    I've been to the Virgin Atlantic club lounge in Gatwick which has little walls more windows overlooking the runway and the south terminal.

  6. silky skills says:

    it isn't a a seat belt for your feet if u r with a friend and want to talk to them or something they can sit it that seat and that is the seat belt for them lol

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