FIRST CLASS with Delta Air Lines vs. American Airlines

FIRST CLASS with Delta Air Lines vs. American Airlines

Two trip reports for the price of one! Let’s compare the domestic First Class experiences with Delta Air Lines and American Airlines.

The first flight is on a new Delta 737-900ER from ATL – PHX.

The second is on an older American A321 from PHX – DCA.

What do you think? Which is better?

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50 thoughts on “FIRST CLASS with Delta Air Lines vs. American Airlines

  1. Daniel says:

    I like both equally, they both have their ups and downs and I am a member of Americans alliance and deltas alliance because I fly BA and Klm frequently

  2. Nick Uliano says:

    Probably not such a great idea to compare dinner service on one carrier with breakfast service on another … nor exactly an apples to apples comparison.

  3. thewildgoose1979 says:

    If you really love to fly, IFE is not needed. My nose is against the window the whole flight. I can fly for 4 hours and never would take anytime to entertain myself except whats going on outside. You'll be amazed what you miss if your watching a movie in the sky.

  4. David Daley says:

    I agree totally with you! First class attendants (AA) in my experience have been truly just genuinely friendly and accomodating. Delta is not the same. * This is based on domestic in the USA.

  5. Dominic Mosimann says:

    Thank you for the video. I'm shocked what the US airline market is selling as first class. If you fly on european main carrier's products – let alone middle east and asian ones – you get such seats and meals in premium economy already. Is this a sign for the ulcer of capitalism (aka rip off) has reached it's very terminal stage in the US?

  6. Dbob2005 says:

    Delta because my family and I flew American Airlines from Dallas to Seattle for vacation and almost every American Airlines planes we flew on were older and are planes broke down and the cabin crew on delta in my personal opinion is a lot nicer.

  7. DuckyAidan says:

    I wish I could fly Delta, but the problem is not affordable. Can’t fly American either, same problem. I fly Alaska Airlines 😁

  8. Patrick Crockarell says:

    I am a very brand-loyal person, and you hit a soft spot with me and that was mentioning Delta. As a side note, thank you for your comparison video. My story starts ten years ago when we took American Airlines from STL to DisneyWorld for our honeymoon (kids at heart.) When returning, after being treated like newly weds with our Disney wedding ears, my wife was literally shooed back to her seat from the bathroom by the flight attendant because of using the first class rather than rear laboratory. Quite rude. Several years later, I began taking annual business trips and I started with Delta; getting into their rewards program as I did AA. I flew American the second year, but when I tried to apply the miles to the previous points, I was told that the miles expire when not used within a year unless you purchase additional mileage points. WHAT?! I used a cheep discount airline the following year, then found Delta once again to be the more cost efficient for that current year’s trip. When I asked about the points, they told me that Delta points NEVER expire. I came to the immediate realization that if they were going to be loyal to me, then I was going to be loyal to them regardless of cost. My only exception is when my wife travels with me and American offers a non-stop flight. As her motion sickness prevails, using the rear laboratory is worth only having one up and down. At any rate, Medallion, here I come…

  9. Erin Kearns says:

    Flew American to Phoenix last March. Shocked that there was no in flight entertainment. Wi fi did not work. I decided never to fly American again

  10. lukestanworthuk83 says:

    How can first class not even have a tv screen? 0/5 for the IFE surely…. I think thats the first time i have ever seen a first class seat with no screen at all

  11. Ms Shema says:

    Delta seating and cleanliness is better. I've flown AA many more times only because they have better flight times. Their seating is very cramped in economy and I'm only 5'5. Customer service is hit and miss.

  12. 1990Ravens says:

    How do i get your job? I want a job that requires a ton of travel. Oh and i love your channel. The quality is amazing.

  13. Chef Jack The Professional Driver says:

    Flying first class from FLL>ATL then swapping planes for ATL> DEN in October 2020. Do they still offer free alcoholic beverages?

  14. Phil Shallat says:

    How can having a friendly attentive flight attendant make up for 3½ hours in an uncomfortable seat and mediocre food? Strikes me as kind of a ridiculous question. Give me a surly flight attendant but a great seat with elbow room every time..

  15. finndev says:

    America is lucky they have First class on domestic, in Europe we have an economy seat with a blocked off middle seat, stupid

  16. Sean Court says:

    I can't call this one…ive flown first class on both American and Delta and both were amazing…but at least it wasn't Frontier , Spirit or Allegiant..flown all three of those and I learned how to pray real quick😂😂

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