FIRST TRIP in our WESTFALIA! | Okanagan Road Trip

FIRST TRIP in our WESTFALIA! | Okanagan Road Trip

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Road tripping down the Okanagan Valley for beaches, wine and fruit! We head to Penticton, Oliver, and Osoyoos for our first trip in our Westy.

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20 thoughts on “FIRST TRIP in our WESTFALIA! | Okanagan Road Trip

  1. Hey Nadine says:

    About the masks, we should have been better. In BC all the places we've visited have had very good social distancing & covid policies. Hand sanitizer everywhere(and mandatory), plexiglass at all counters and tills, restrictions on number of people in the stores at each time, and line marks to stand in while waiting to pay for items , line up etc. Never were we anywhere within 2meters of any other person, there is no crowds really anywhere, so we didn't feel the need for masks which is the same as most everyone else we saw there. We are very aware of social distancing, and we take it very seriously. That being said, having a platform means we should lead by example and even if we don't think we need a mask, we will do better and wear them when we are visiting all businesses going forward. We're sorry. We are still learning in all this, it is our first trip post-quarantine. Also this was filmed a few weeks ago when cases were very low in BC, not an excuse, just a note. <3

  2. FitForActing Reynaldo B says:

    More videos like this one. I would love to hear about other vehicles you considered buying. Sorry if I’m jumping the gum. Still watching this video and I’m also a new subscriber.

    I do fitness, acting, and music and a Vanagon Syncro Camper is my favorite vehicle in the world ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Gary Powell says:

    One thing I did is take two twin flat sheets and sew the bottom together and up the side about a foot or two. That way you get a set of sheets that doesn't "untuck" when sleeping in the van. ie "Sheet sack" vs using a fitted bottom sheet which doesn't really stay "fitted" around the mattress.

  4. Mtbprepper says:

    Loved the theme of this blog. Stunning views, lovely couple, awesome westie. Subscribed from the UK 🇬🇧 living my Dream

  5. Eloise G says:

    We had Clifford the big red dog here in Australia when I was growing up (early 2000’s)! Definitely not strictly North America 🤗

  6. Phil says:

    I can see why Matt is marrying Nadine, nice figure and personality, experienced blogger and traveller, hurry Matt, she's 32, before she's overripe. Nadine nice enough to be married already. A few more Nadine's would improve the world!❤️🇬🇧✌️

  7. Captain Ron says:

    You got a "like" from me not only because this was an entertaining and interesting video but also because I live adjacent to the campsite you stayed in Oliver (Inkaneep). I was able to identify the one of eight available campsites that you stayed in. Cheers and thanks for the post.

  8. Wynn Rankin says:

    Nice ride! We just scored an 87 westy and are getting to know him. I noticed you’ve got a mattress topper. We’ve totally been eyeing one. Do you like/recommend? If so, where’d you score it?

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