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Cheapest prices for flights to Croatia from NYC by month

July is currently the best month to find the cheapest flights to Croatia from NYC. At the moment, February is the most expensive month. These prices are determined by several factors and booking in advance can help keep costs low if your schedule is not as flexible.

The best time for cheap flights Croatia from New York?

High season:

During the months of July and August, Croatia’s key cards – its islands – really come to life and attract thousands of visitors. This is also Croatia’s peak season, which means that major cities, such as Zagreb and Dubrovnik, are busier. You may want to consider flying to Croatia during the spring or fall seasons, which is when you are most likely to book cheap flights to Croatia from NYC and enjoy discounted rates at most hotels and resorts along the Adriatic coast.

Low season:

Depending on exactly when you are planning to go, in Croatia, the low season may vary. Cities along the coast, such as Zagreb, have low season during the months of January and February, but this is the peak season in the country’s ski resorts. Make sure to book your flights to Croatia from NYC well in advance if you are planning a ski vacation, as this will help you avoid the risk of overpaying for airfare and accommodation.

The best time to book flights to Croatia from New York

There is no wrong time to book your trip to Australia, as long as you are taking care of business well in advance of your intended trip. The cheapest flights to and from Australia are found mainly when reservations are made three or four months in advance.

When is the best time to book a flight to Croatia from NYC?

Croatia’s shoulder season, which takes place during the country’s autumn and spring months, has high temperatures that tend to lead to fewer crowds. This may mean that flight prices and accommodation fees also fall, which will help you plan the cheapest flight to Croatia. Regardless of how you decide to influence your travel in terms of seasonal travel, always try to book your flight at least two months in advance to ensure that you will be charged the best fares.

Which day is cheapest to find flights to Croatia?

The cheapest day to fly to Croatia is usually Tuesday. At the moment, Sunday is the most expensive.

What time of day is cheapest for flights to Croatia?

At the moment, afternoon flights are likely to offer the best value for your trip to Croatia. A night flight, most of the time, will have a higher cost.

With its extensive archipelago, clear blue seas and a very diverse continent, Croatia has a landscape as unique as that of its inhabitants, offering visitors the opportunity to get lost in heavenly beauty and atmospheric happiness like no other.

If you are thinking of taking a cheap flight to Croatia from NYC, get ready to experience the “Mediterranean as it was before”, magically enhanced with all the timeless landscapes that shine in the afterglow of the Adriatic Sea, without the typical high cost of living of the Eurozone.

How long is the flight to Croatia from NYC?

Johannesburg to Zagreb          12 hours, 50 minutes
Johannesburg to Split              14 hours, 55 minutes
Johannesburg to Dubrovnik    14 hours, 20 minutes
Johannesburg to Zadar            15 hours, 25 minutes

Which airlines operate flights to Croatia?

South African Airways, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Air France, Alitalia, and KLM all offer cheap flights to Croatia from NYC, and all of them have their own set of pros and cons. Some of these airlines offer much cheaper flights than their competitors, but they might not offer luxuries such as onboard entertainment and snacks during the fight, and they might be less comfortable in the long run. For South African tourists, the most comfortable and economical airlines are usually South African Airways and British Airways, but you can find great cheap flight to Croatia from NYC once you’ve determined your travel itinerary.

How to get from the airport to the city center?


As Croatia’s largest airport, the Zagreb Airport is where most tourists will arrive in the country and also where to find flights to Croatia from NYC. It is situated 12km from the city center and one of the best ways to get from the airport to the city center is via a pre-booked transfer. You may also want to consider renting a car from one of the car rental companies, but if you opt in to use the airport bus (which can be found parked outside of the arrivals terminal), keep in mind that the trip to the city center will take up to 30 minutes.


From the Split International Airport, you may take the bus to get to the city center. This is one of the cheapest options, although it may take up to an hour since the bus stops at every bus station and may see you changing buses in order to get to the city center. For a more convenient option, tourists may opt to use the Croatia Airlines bus, which is affordable and runs directly to the city center, albeit it’s only available after every flights to Croatia from NYC. The fastest way to get to the city center from the Split airport is via a taxi, which can be found outside the airport and will get you to the city center in roughly 30 minutes.


Getting from the Dubrovnik airport to the city center can be done in a number of ways. If you’re heading to the Old Town and don’t mind waiting for a bus, it’s advisable to use the Airport Bus service since its cheap and will get you to the heart of the city center. You may also make use of the buses, which travel between the airport and the city center. Alternatively, tourists may make use of the variety of taxis parked outside of the arrivals terminal at the airport.


Zadar Airport provides a public transport system operating bus transfers to and from the airport to the city center. Buses depart on a regular basis after every flights to Croatia from NYC, which means that this is probably your fastest and most affordable means of getting to the city center.