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                                                   Flights to Dubai from South Africa

Inexpensive Cheap flights to Dubai from South Africa are in abundance and can start from R5,999.00 due to demand on this route. Cheap flights to Dubai from South Africa are available from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. The flights are available from many airlines including Emirates and Qatar. Dubai is beyond imagination in architectural design with its mass of daring skyscrapers, one as impressive as the other. You might imagine you land in Las Vegas, but because of the lack of neon-lit signage and casinos you finally realise that you are in Dubai. Dubai is an exciting city that fascinates you from dusk till dawn. Dubai can also serve a a gateway to Europe and America. Make use of our flight search engine to find cheap flights like San Francisco flights, Las Vegas flights including flights hotels cars.

Find Cheap Flights to Dubai from South Africa

Budget Travelers 

For travelers on a budget, summer is the cheapest time to visit with plenty of cheap Flights to Dubai from South Africa, but it’s hot! 

Ideally, the best time to visit is from November to March, when temperatures are moderate with overcast weather and rain.

Luxury Travel

Visitors have a great choice of luxury, mid-range and budget hotels. Luxury rates start at £ 245, with some offering tent accommodation, sunset camel rides, while others offer family-friendly accommodation. Rates from £ 37 will put you in a mid-range hotel and for £ 23 you can stay in a budget hotel.

Activities in Dubai

Dubai offers a range of musicals, art, theater, exhibitions and conferences throughout the year. Sometimes you might forget you are in an Islamic country ruled by Sharia law. At the beginning of September presents the “Swan Lake Acrobatic Ballet” which will fascinate you every second. At the end of September you will be inspired by the “Arabian Nights” at the “Story Pocket Theater”. The fantastic “Dubai Air Show” takes place in early November with the promise to be even better and bigger this year!


With hundreds of malls to browse through, shopping is a pleasure. The malls are air-conditioned, which is also a home to lots of dinning Restaurants. One of the most popular shopping malls is “Deira City”, with its impressive architecture and great atmosphere is the place to be. There are plenty of souvenirs to choose from such as rugs and kilims, exotic tapestries, bronze and many more. When you’ve had enough sun, go skiing in the indoor snowpark at the “Mall of the Emirates”.

Spend the day viewing or shopping for contemporary Middle Eastern art at “The Third line” in Al Khoz or one of the many other galleries.

What to do in Dubai

  • Historians will appreciate alabaster artefacts dating from 3000 BC at the “Dubai Museum”. The Museum is located under the impressive “Fort Al Fahidi”, built in 1787 and the oldest building in Dubai.
  • The desert road trip is a must, visiting the relaxed oasis town of Al Ain for a truly authentic Arab experience. Visit the ‘archaeological museum’ and zoo including captivating little souks. If you have the money to spend a luxury night or two at ‘Bag Al Shams’ or ‘Al Maha’ ‘, desert resorts and spas with incredible landscapes.
  • A helicopter trip gives you a truly spectacular aerial view of Dubai’s man-made islands. You can also view ‘The Palms’ and ‘Burj Khalifa’, the tallest building in the world. Once on firm ground, visit ‘At the Top’, the viewing platform atop ‘Burj Khalifa’.
  • The cool evening is perfect for exploring Dubai’s markets (souks) where you will find everything from spices to electronics. Take the opportunity to haggle by starting with 50% off the suggested price and once the agreed price, buy your item. It is considered very poor price to stray and go elsewhere.
  • Let yourself be tempted by Dubai’s regional specialty, dates. At the “Bateel” found in most malls, try a chocolate coated date or sparkling date refreshment.

Flights to Dubai from South Africa and Transport Around Dubai

Public Transport in Dubai 

All public transport in Dubai is operated by the Government’s Roads and Transport Authority.


Using the rail or bus system is much easier when you purchase “NOL” cards, similar in size to a credit card. You can preload these cards with any amount between AED 14 and AED 500 and if your card is depleted just top it up.

Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro tram system is safe, comfortable, very clean, ideal for shopping expeditions to the best malls. Tickets range from £ 0.30 to £ 1.00 (AED 1.80 to 5.80) per trip, depending on the number of trips purchased. With a daily ticket of £ 2.50 (14 AED) you can see the whole of Dubai in one day.

Dubai Bus

The Dubai bus system has modern air-conditioned and clean buses with routes in and around Dubai. Tickets can be purchased at ticket counters, vending machines or sales agents at varying prices. You can find cheap flights to other destinations which will fly you through Dubai including san francisco flights, Las Vegas flights. Women should sit at the front of the bus in the women’s section.


Taxis are cheap, clean, reliable and metered. They can be reported on the street, found in shopping malls or outside hotels. The most professional taxi operator in Dubai is the “Dubai Taxi Corporation” which also offers “special services” and “Ladies Taxies”. From 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. the fall of the flag begins at 6 AED from 10 p.m. at 6 a.m. its AED7 with a minimum charge of AED 10. You can expect a short taxi ride around town to cost you between £ 3.50 (AED 20) or up to £ 14 (AED 80) to travel across town. If you are a female traveling alone, look for taxis with pink roofs with a female driver.

Car Rental 

Among other things, familiar car rentals such as “Avis”, “Europcar” “Budget” and “Thrifty” can be found at the airport and all major hotels. Car rental is used more by business travelers wishing to travel outside of Dubai. To get the best car rental deals, book in advance online also keeping in mind that drivers are reckless and traffic can be chaotic. The UAE is at the top of the global list for car accidents on the road. Avoid driving during sandstorms and watch out for camels.

Water Buses

In addition, there are water buses, taxis and ferries that zigzag across Dubai Creek, connecting “Bur Dubai” and “Deira”.  This service runs along the coast to “Dubai Marina Mall”. Motorized ‘abra’ boats, modeled after traditional boats, are the most fun with stations located near ‘Sabkha’, ‘Bur Dubai Souq’, ‘Deira Old Souq’. For a romantic experience, you can hire your own motorized “abra” or rowing “abra” starting at around 60 AE per hour.