FLYING the World’s BEST BUSINESS CLASS *Lockdown Edition*

FLYING the World’s BEST BUSINESS CLASS *Lockdown Edition*

Is this still the world’s best Business Class? What’s changed? Do you still get the same service, food and overall experience whilst travelling in these testing lockdown times? I got the chance to travel on what’s widely regarded as the world’s best business class, which even challenges many First Class products out there. This was a fascinating experience and I hope you enjoy the flight with me.

Of course there were several challenges to do this, and usually this would involve flying long haul. How is it possible to do so when the world is still locked down? Well follow my journey, I’ll share with you each step of the way. What’s more I also have had the chance to try another competing business class product, offering an interesting comparison to the world’s best. I can tell you now, sadly it falls flat… but then again don’t take my word for it, take a look and let me know in the comments below.

The flight was taken on two of Qatar’s 777-300. One was refurbished with QSuites (as this is what they’re doing across their fleet at present) and the other was a new 777 with their latest and newest version of the product. Subtle difference in the finishes, and increase height of the suite itself. Other things to note and what we’ll be finding out today is what the food is like? So many airlines have substantially cut their offerings. In fact the first flight is a prime example of this. However Qatar has proceeded to offer it’s business class passengers as revised and adapted service, still maintaining a very high level of quality and value for your ticket. Super impressed on this one! What’s more on today’s flight I got the entire mini cabin to myself. This allowed me to try out all the different variants of QSuites. This includes the double bed, and varieties of single QSuites. Let’s not forget the Quad!

It also offers an interesting insight into what longer haul flying is like at present, the difficulties with boarders changing, airports having varied rules and having to wear a mask constantly.

As always let me know what you think below. And if you’d fly on Qatar Business Class in a double bed?

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32 thoughts on “FLYING the World’s BEST BUSINESS CLASS *Lockdown Edition*

  1. KB IN THE UK says:

    Just found you – superb video – now a subscriber ! We are hoping to fly Q-suites in Feb 2022 to SYD. I hear that Qatar Airways are notorius for switching aircraft that may not have Q-Suites (just regulat business class) Have you heared similar? Love the in-airport hotel – how much per night (or was it included in the flight price?) Safe travels, Kev & Alison

  2. Spencer Pierce says:

    I agree. I subscribe to several channels and yours is one of the best! I will try to get the word out. Its sad with airlines using Covid to justify their cost cutting to their most premium passengers.

  3. ImGrenade says:

    Crew members can honestly make or break the flight. If they’re terrible/rude af I’ll start hating the entire airline. I mean Emirates is on top of my list for airlines because of plane consistency(since they have fixed planes on fixed route and because of the crew. I’m 14 y/o rn and I’ve been in emirates A380 business class 5-6 times or more I think and I generally end up spending one hour just chatting with the crew in the bar/lounge area. And keep in mind that’s when I was like 9-10. So you can see how nice they are generally

  4. Dafne Carina Sidi says:

    I have to mention this: on the beginning of the flight the might have went on a older plane for the business class part
    If the plane is newer the space on the plane is much bigger and way more comfortable. I know all of this because I have been flying Turkish airlines for over 25 years.

  5. Yalda Yazarlou says:

    As a nervous flyer I would definitely appreciate the extra space and would go for the quad seats, if my budget allowed so haha!

  6. WeplayrobloxXD Hi says:

    2:28 it looked like on the tv it was baby program and it looked like he was watching it love your channel I fort you should have 7m

  7. charles campion says:

    Lucky enough to go London-Adelaide return. The whole thing was a bucket list dream from start to finish. Middle seats and the double bed are great, but rear facing window seats are the best. Once in a lifetime experience…

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