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Food on airplane SAS is serving the best airplane food

How is the food on airplanes? If you are flying with SAS the food on airplanes are well prepared with seasonal ingredients. We also offer you a wide selection of food and a more individualized product. With that information you might say, that SAS serves the best airplane food!

If you fly with SAS, the food on our airplanes are prepared by Peter Lawrance, Manager of Meal Planning for all SAS flights. For the past eight months, Peter Lawrance has been working on a new concept on the long haul flights, which was launched in February 2015. This new concept is about the food on airplanes and the goal is to have the best airplane food!

Would you like to know why SAS has the best airplane food? Please visit this homepage and read about our 17 different special menus and our special menus for children and infants:

In this video, presented by SAS, we meet Peter Lawrence, who’s role is to develop food on airplanes and to make sure that the on board products work for caterers, producers and suppliers. It is also his job to travel to all long haul destinations and plan all on board menus. Peter Lawrence develops the menus on airplanes with local chefs at each destination to bring out the Scandinavian aspects of the product using seasonal ingredients.

But, how is the food on airplanes during Winter? And, how is the food on airplanes during Summer? In the video Peter Lawrance tells that during winter, the food on airplanes is served with root vegetables, apples and fall berries. And, during the Summer the food on airplanes are served with mushrooms, strawberries and asparagus.

Did you know that our food on airplanes are available to all passengers travelling to and from US and Asia and passengers in SAS Plus on European flights longer than 90 minutes?

In our new cabins you will be served the best airplane food and you can choose between delicious liquids. Check out what kind of drink you can choose between:

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If you fly with our upgraded planes to long haul destinations, you will get the best airplane food and you will sit in our brand new seats!
Would you like to know more about that? Then check out our playlist “SAS New Cabin” right here:



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