HOW IT'S MADE: Airline Meals with Turkish Airlines & Business class inflight chefs!

HOW IT'S MADE: Airline Meals with Turkish Airlines & Business class inflight chefs!

Take a look at how they train inflight chefs, go behind the scenes inflight and at their training centre in Istanbul.

Filmed in August 2014 onsite at Do & Co Catering Istanbul and TK1937 Istanbul to Brussels. Big HUGE thanks to everyone at Turkish Airlines and Do & Co who assisted with our requests to film! You guys are awesome! Nik and Csaba.

It’s no wonder they have some of the best inflight meals around in all classes.

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30 thoughts on “HOW IT'S MADE: Airline Meals with Turkish Airlines & Business class inflight chefs!

  1. Desi Kartoos says:

    In flight Turkish Air Line food is WORST, cheapo, smelly Luke warm and taste less food. In Feb. 2018 I flew with Turkish. Dinner 0.30 cents Luke warm simple taste less pasta with ground beef. In breakfast sandwich full of cheese (I mean sandwich contained 3,500 layers of cheese) from USA. Return flight same cheese sandwich in breakfast, in lunch the shittty smelly Luke warm meal you see in this picture. If you like decent food fly and inflight service, fly with Emirates, Qatar, Eithad, my advice stay away from Turkish Airline.

  2. KAV says:

    Purely marketing and misleading customers big time! He is no more of a chef than I am or my dog! Do &Co are a well known flight catering company. They as do all other flight catering companies pre prepare all the food including sauces, desserts etc. They are basically ready meals that are just heated up for 20 minutes and plated up as per the airlines own pictograms. This is absolutely no different to what cabin crew do every single day on other airlines! In fact, British Airways also use Do & Co, the exact same trolleys, glassware and China. It is a insult to real chefs and blantant lying!!

  3. hakan737 says:

    wow! I really didn't know thats are hand made "icli kofte"(6:51) and "yaprak sarmasi" (8:19)…sorry about that I don't know how can I translate to in English but those meals are very hard to make it. It's takes long time and honestly they are not pratical options if you are in a challenge against to time while producing. Congratulations.

  4. BlackHawk Down says:

    Why do you wrap everything individually? Its such a waste of plastic and natural resources. Just serve it on a plate like other food.

  5. John nhoj says:

    Number 3 airline in the world – number 1 in Europe – and – the largest airline in the world… a great video on eating aboard TK airlines…

  6. Aki Baihaki says:

    This is just gimmick. The chef is not really a chef….they're just err…. waiters….. only being taught how to serve and present the food. The food itself is actually prepared, packaged food. Such bullshit marketing.

  7. chefsrover says:

    So chefs don't wear gloves in galley or you will mention a clean galley
    And inspite of a meal type just cover and load it up in the oven or they used basic necessities of starch like oven baked potatoes and other baked items to be uncovered before heating
    If you are putting a chef title kindly raise the bar of this video because Any cabin crew can do this

  8. Félix Maltchinski says:

    One day I would like to fly Turkish airlines after seeing this video and my home airport YUL is served by Turkish airlines.

  9. hakan güneyli says:

    kendi ayağına kurşun sıkmak bu olsa gerek, o maskeleri taktın madem ağzını ve burnunu kapat, süs değil onlar, ha birde çekim yapıp youtube a koymuşlar 😀  böylece yediklerimizin kimler tarafından NASIL yapıldığını da görmüş olduk , bir dahaki sefere bisküvi ile gidicem.

  10. Luiz Gustavo Lima says:

    Very nice vídeo! Turkish Airlines is very high standard carrier! (But I have to be honest…laugh a lot seeing 90% of the staff at "Food Center" not wearing properly those mouth and nose masks… call the supervisor!!! lol

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