How to Get Free 5-Star Accommodation in Bali

How to Get Free 5-Star Accommodation in Bali

If you’re interested in our strategies and want to learn more about how we get paid to travel and stay in 5-star luxury resorts for free then go to

THE DAILY VLOG IS BACK!! It’s been a huge goal of ours to go on a trip and bring all our friends along with us. So, we set off to travel Bali with 1-way tickets on a mission to line up an epic Villa that can house +10 people. After some long flights, a wicked upgrade to Business-Class, and a few nights in a 5-star resort, we begin the hunt to line up the next 40 days of Free Accommodation in Bali for our whole squad.

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– Ryker
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28 thoughts on “How to Get Free 5-Star Accommodation in Bali

  1. Josi Daresbach says:

    I’m trying to get free trips by my Chanel, but that’s not easy at all 🤔 I have 74K on YouTube and still trying to figure out how to pay my bills and travel 🤣😉💕 Looking forward for more tips! Thank you!!!


    So the idea of how to get free trips/villas/hotels is to have shit ton of followers in social media or any of this wouldnt be possible

  3. Meru Kothari says:

    I am 21 year old from Mumbai , India
    Have been following since 4 years now
    Belong from a healthy business family but never travelled any part of this world , because my family thinks travel is a waste of time 😣😣😢
    But I have promised myself that I will see every beautiful spot this world has to offer em
    You guys make me live every moment through your videos
    You make me alive , make me turn up myself
    You deserve respect and love
    If you happen to visit Mumbai , you are welcomed .
    Here’s my email Id : [email protected]

    Thanks guys !

  4. Destination Asia says:

    seaching for a new niche 🙂 travel for free 🙂 but for poeple like me , i really difficult to have even a dorm for free lol

  5. Britt Pendergrast says:

    Yessssss, you guys are doing it right! Love to see you boys going after it like this and pursuing the life of your dreams. Gives me lots of inspiration to do the same! Keep it up

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