How to Travel South East Asia CHEAP | BUDGET AIRLINES 2020

How to Travel South East Asia CHEAP |  BUDGET AIRLINES 2020

Budget airlines make travel CHEAP, FAST, and SAFE! The best way to get around South East Asia is by booking flights with Budget Airlines.

Here’s what you need to know before taking your first flight with low-cost Asian carriers like Air Asia, VietJet and Thai Lion.

Comment the CHEAPEST flight you have ever flown? Can you beat mine at $12USD in Thailand???

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20 thoughts on “How to Travel South East Asia CHEAP | BUDGET AIRLINES 2020

  1. Portable Professional says:

    Hope this video was helpful to calm those "pre budget flight" nerves! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for weekly travel hacks and tips, I’d LOVE to see you back here next Tuesday

  2. Mr C says:

    A year has passed since this very informative vid. I'm also a big fan of AirAsia and have pre-booked with meals included on every flight – including the one-hour long jaunts! However, despite the propaganda, their exclusive Santan meals aren't any better or worse than typical airline economy class fare. Anyway, worth mentioning currently is the very real possibility AirAsia may go under in the near future due to debt and the lower load factors during the current COVID crisis. Make sure to CYA if you book now for a future trip!

  3. Nesa Dcruz says:

    Good suggestions. Would you consider doing a Review video on the various SE Asian budget airlines like Scoot, Jetstar, Air Asia, Vietjet etc?

  4. intsccents says:

    Hello great vlog and even better information .. I flew from Singapore to Bangkok on NOK Airlines round trip with checked bags for $85.00 a year ago no entertainment or food but who cares its a short flight… better to wait and eat something once you get to Thailand… I am sure it wood be better food…

  5. Dana Garrison says:

    When you’re in Southeast Asia, how do you print your boarding pass before you go to the airport? It’s often so difficult to find a place to print in Southeast Asia.

  6. Kevin Ryall says:

    I have flown all over SEAsia with Air Asia and have enjoyed my experiences! Always young …friendly crews. It was madness … years ago …when they didn't have assigned seats!!! Can you imagine the stampede of people at the gate running down the gangway toward the plane…. all wanting those coveted front seats ? Yup. 🙂 I had Air Asia weigh my carry-on at the gate several times. I was always overweight!! Secret is… look like you are carrying a " really" light bag when you approach the gate 🙂 Lol Best fare ever with Air Asia? Hanoi to KL for $14.00 US !!! And yes… buying their meals in advance are great. What a relief to see that trolley coming with your food!!! Lol

  7. Breigha Gillespie says:

    Good tips! budget airlines in north america definitely add on those extra charges too. I was once charged just to bring my one carry-on bag, which is usually free on mainstream airlines -_- Sometimes the cost is still cheaper than a mainstream airline, and sometimes it's not so I always try to compare prices.

  8. Richard Kemp says:

    Such a great idea to get someone to hold your bag while you check in!! Another tip is that you can often put a bag in left luggage storage in the airport for a short time while checking in 😁

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