How Will COVID-19 Change The Way We Travel?

How Will COVID 19 Change The Way We Travel

How has Air Travel changed post COVID-19? This video examines every single air travel element from airfares, at airports to cabin layouts and in-flight service, things may look very different once we start traveling again.

Shall we expect higher or lower airfare? Shall we expect longer than normal process at the airport? What will happen with social distancing onboard an airplane? Will there be the same in-flight food and beverage offerings like before? What will the arrival formalities be like after landing?

This video shares the latest aviation industry developments, such as new seating innovations and contactless travel with minimum touch points as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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32 thoughts on “How Will COVID-19 Change The Way We Travel?

  1. Wendell C says:

    I think the "new normal" has its reasons. Before 9/11 security checks were much more lenient, but after 9/11 security checks have been normalized to diminish the security concerns on board. After COVID-19, health checks may be normalized to diminish public health concerns on board, cuz nobody knows when the next pandemic will be.

  2. Kathi Pulley says:

    So this virus will never go away. Facial recognition is part of the plan. Don't forget the digital certificate!


    We are heading towards AI. The human element is being slowly taken away from us all. I can see it happening before my very eyes. This is not fun. Covid-19 is a cover up for AI. The virus exits but was created to speed up the progress of AI. Goodbye humans

  4. Sam Porter-Bridges, Smuggling minister?! says:

    Hi! University of street refuge Istanbul, can i travel without travel documents, my documents are taken on the border wall?

  5. Shahzia Khan says:

    And to think the world was trying to cut down on plastics … now everything is suddenly only disposable plastic and wraps…millions and millions of bags a day around the world…

  6. N D says:

    Interesting. Well Sam, I'm very happy you were at least once able to freely enjoy your passion for travel and flight. For now though, it definitely doesn't seem fun but thank you for keeping us informed with your awesome channel.

  7. wellifthemediasaysit says:

    'Died WITH a coronavirus'!!
    What the fuck does that even mean?
    Empty hospitals, mass media hysteria, scripted bullshit from talking heads, reading processed information off of a screen, massively inflated death figures, lies, lies, propaganda, fruit, water, animals, leaves ,all testing 'positive' for an alleged virus that has never even been isolated! All other illnesses have seemingly disappeared!
    Lies, more lies, hysteria, bullshit!
    All to slowly usher in a 'new world order', police state, cashless society, toxic vaccines, etc etc!
    If they can't cull the out-of-control population, they will do the next best thing, try and impose severe restricitons on the current one!

  8. Rizki Ferdian says:

    You don't look well Sam and hand over the mask to the man, barehanded.
    Realize present human is not much of farm cattle. I won't go out of private lands here in Indonesia, when people need to see me, they can come here but in a special space and not to come close to me. Human depopulation is for real.

  9. 2stroke says:

    As idiotic as this sounds, I'm more worried about the flight itself versus coronavirus. Wearing PPE is not a problem for me. Just want the friggin plane to land incident-free at my destination and I get to live another day. My wife wants to take a cruise in April 2021 but we have to fly to the cruise terminal. It's over 8 months away and my flight anxiety is through the roof.

  10. annamaria rossi says:

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  11. Vinayak Govitrikar says:

    I expect increased fares as lesser number of pax to be carried, but costs do not reduce much . It would reduce incomes for airlines .

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